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Alton Towers

Next Fri is my sons 13th Birthday! wooohooo a teenager lol

He wants to got to Alton Towers on the sun, my least fav place in the world as I hate rides etc, but now at least hes old enough to go off with his mates and meet us at the end, so I think a very expensive (as they do insist you pay full price to get in even if you dont go on anything) sit down in order, also hate being too far away from my comfort zone with medical stuff etc so will be sure to pack everything!!!

Guess as long as my ""not so little anymore"" boy has a good day thats all that counts!

Lets hope it goes off without any emergencies...


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not keen on alton towers myself - went there 5 years ago.

We were looking for a ride that did not go upside down - just to get us started and we found one called Rita - well at least that is what I thought it was called. In the end turned out to be Rita Queen of Speed. OMG never again! ended up when I got off having to go and have a nice sit down somewhere and a cup of tea. At that time this roller coaster was the fastest in Europe with the same G force as taking off in a fighter Jet. I think I would have ratehr done the upside down things than that.

We only stayed a few hours - queues weren't too bad was out of season and then we went off into Derbyshire to find a nice quiet tearoom that was much more my style!

Good Luck. I hope your son enjoys himself.


alton towers is mint, hope it goes alright for u & hope he has a good day



alton towers is great day out. should be fun!

there are few trees and grassy areas so carefull re: pollen.

just remember take all your meds with you, take your time walking round the park, plenty of stops and plenty of drinks if weather warm. u be fine :)

x x


I know what you mean about not wanting to go on the rides yourself, it seems a bit hard to have to pay full price just to sit and watch. Still, it's his birthday and you'll enjoy watching him have fun.

Before you know it he'll be asking you to drop him at the entrance and pick him up again at closing time so you can go off and do something you like with the day.

Have a lovely day.


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