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My Friend who has severe epilepsy ( among other things like severe asthma) had a dog which keeps her company and also 'helps' when she has fits ( she does have call care alarm too!) .

Doggy is 11 yrs old and had arthritis and another problem that needs pred!

She is looking into getting a dog that can be a companion / assistance dog to help her as she is on her own ( hubby died last year and doggy has been a huge help to her)

Does anyone know of a national organisation which trains and places assistance dogs for disabled people ( Bit Like guide dogs for the blind).

I have tried one web site but e-mail bounced and others didn't seem to be UK based.

Many thanks


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Kate I can think of a few off the top of my head but I found this link:

Go to members and per country (I can't get it to do the link to that specific page for some reason) under United Kingdom it has a list of full and provisional members.

Canine partners

Dog aid - Seems to be more aimed around supporting the owner to train their own dog.

There are a few others including dogs for the disabled, whom my first guide dog Berry went to.

Have a look, I was suprised at the number of organisations who have sprung up in the past year or so.



Many thanks Beth,

Thought you might pop up with the answer!

How are you both?




My geekiness about assistance dogs will always bring me out of lurking! :-)

We're both good thanks, we all had a lovely week off where we went to Scarborough and got pampered by my mum and dad as well as having some nice days out round Manchester.

<whispering so my lungs don't hear> Touch wood my asthma seems to be controlled and is only knockced off by viral infections. I'm hoping I'll get discharged when I go to the chest clinic next week. Having said that I've been saying that the last couple of times!

Sandie is looking forward to going to the beach today, she has some new treats that she can have as they are 100% fish and she's not allergic to them! She loves them, I think they smell horrible!


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