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nerves kicking in bout teaching and meeting :S

nerves are really starting to kick in now :S

another sleepless night ahead i think....

due to assist on my first PILs course tomorrow - volunteering as off sick (children's resus course) then afterwards, got the BIG brownies meeting to run with the big boss gonna be there :S

frightened now :S

as for the resus teaching, i have given plenty of resus teaching before, but not this course itself, and not for a while, and now prob feel as nervous as the candidates probably do! had reassurance from my close friend and colleague who is a resus officer and been going over things, but as i have been off work, just feel like i have no confidence in self atm....

brownies meeting i obviously run regularly - when well - as i am leader, but whats different is that big boss lady gonna be there, with another pack so that means total of around 50 odd brownies :S and it will be straight after teaching all day..

so a long, stressful day awaits me, yet exciting, i guess...

glass of vodka at the end of it i think! (only alcohol i can drink!)

hope all had good weekend :)

x x x

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YOU CAN DO IT : ) keep positive xx let us all know how things go x


Good luck!


It's ok to be nervous, it means you'll be alert and on the ball. Hope you enjoy it once you get started.


Good luck snowygirl! Sure you will be great x


thanks guys...

well all in all was fab day :)

teaching went really well, doing lots more of the PILs and been recommended for another instructor course too :D hehe.. had very postive feedback and was just the confidence boost i needed!

by time i got to brownies i was shattered, but went okay too, they were very rowdy and took a while to get them to listen to me!! grrr... but they all enjoyed eventually lol. they even reenacted the wedding ceremony, got their badges, myself too! whats more, my big boss was really impressed with the evening :) hehehehehehe

all in all a positive day, on the go for 14hrs so completely exhausted for a number of obvious reasons, which i dont really need to mention!!! need few puff throughout but nothing unusal there really :)


x xx xx x


Good luck, Snowygirl Xx


Well done you Xx


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