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I'm not someone who ever really displays the classic stress symptoms. I'm very calm and laid back most of the time. Work is quite stressful for me at the moment, but fortunately home is not.

I've noticed I've been wheezing at work without an obvious trigger, which is very very unusual for me. Its relieved easily with a quick shot of ventolin, but since its such an unusual occurance, I'm beginning to worry.

Does anyone else get set off by stress? Any tips?

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Yep i think to an extent all asthmatics are affected by stress in one way or another, you cant beat kalms tabs? there safe with all meds and you acn take emn for as long as you want. Im terrible went got pmt and when been on iv amino for over a week but when taking these are fine even cons noticed a difference in alm i was.

Andrea xx


when I am under a lot of stress I find I have many more symptoms. At the moment my 16 year old has had surgery on one lung last summer and has now suffered repeated lung colapses since Jan this year and is now about to be operated on the other lung. With the stress of this, I find my chest gives me a lot of trouble.

Andrea, I have never tried the Kalms tabs - I need to give that a go. I just try the time out thing and doing something I enjoy, watch a movie, do some photography or something like that.

I am speaking to Thoracic Consultant Surgeon tomorrow to schedule my sons Operation. He will be done at Harefield again, and looks like it will be in the next week.



Have you tried Flower remedies? You can buy them from boots or Holland and Barratt, a few drops on the tongue is supposed to relieve anxiety.

I recommend making sure you take breaks at work even if it is busy, you will be more productive. Sometimes if I'm doing admin stuff I put my ipod on and listen to some tunes to just get stuff together in my head. I also find if things get too much just going for a five minute walk in the fresh air helps.

I also have stress relief things on my desk, a stone which I can fiddle with in my hands, stress balls and teddies! I like doing things with

I also try concentrating on my breathing using some exercises I was shown by the physiotherapist in hospital to get gunk off my chest. It seems to help with my asthma as well as being calming.


Kalms gave me really vivid nightmares!

I'd second the Bach Flower rescue remedy - I didn't believe it would work at all & was totally shocked when it did. I use a stress ball & music too, & if things get really bad I lock myself in the loos & do some gentle stretches, which seems to help a lot (guess this is only any good if your work has spacious loos!)


I tried Calms just before my last riding & stable management exam. It made me do-laly!!! I can remember riding this loon of a horse round a show jumping course having the time of my life!!!!! They definately worked for me ;)


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