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Nellie the elephant - bit of silliness :o)

Just felt like writing this down - blame the prednisolone high!

Please to be read out loud in a sing-song voice to the tune of Nellie the Elephant:

Nellie the elephants sat on my chest,

I just can’t seem to shift her,

I cough and I puff

And I wheeze and I huff

Hack hack hack

Oh Nellie the elephants not my friend

Though constantly seems to be with me

Little green men are sure to appear

Whenever she’s here

Oh Nellie the elephant here I come

With pred and with my inhalers

With any luck, the meds will work

And you’ll be off

Oh Nellie the elephant off you go

Please go back to the circus

It sounds very harsh

But I don’t want you here


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hi feejay,

love the rhyme, how much pred are you taking lol, if it makes you that creative maybe i'd better go on it again. it' s the salbutamol nebs i get high on, make the most of it while you can:)

take care



Just love it. xxx


this is pretty amazing, i'm actually really liking it ;)

very creative, but seriously, how much pred ? :O

i got high when i overdosed (accidently, before i was told the limit) on salbutumal, i was in hysterics, literally crying while having an asthma attack. It didn't look too convincing when the ambulauce arrived ;) it didn't help that one of the green men wasn't wearing the right sized uniform for a man of his size :P i was not taken too seriously from then on, even though i was having a bad attack, ahhh, life ;) xx


Whoops Megg!! Bet you laugh now though! PMSL picturing the ambo guy!!!


right? i have been told i have an intresting life ;) just because of stories like this ;) i probs get it from my grams :) she's crazy and old, an amazing combo ;) xx


HI Fee

Nellie elephant has a lot to answer for.

love the song XXX


Ha ha ha, brilliant! That has made my day!


This is great, I like it


Glad you all liked it ;o)

I'm on 40mgs a day pred at the moment - was a rescue 5 day course but just been told to keep going.

Not feeling too clever and the wakeful nights resulted in the Nellie song - just kept revolving in my head :oD

Sounds like a lot of us are struggling at the moment - hugs to all - stay safe



Brilliant. Enjoyed our chat the other night.

PS made a successful path last night and all was tidied up/recycled this morning.


love it! Glad I'm not the only one who goes loopy on Pred. Last time I was on 40mg, I decided that at 2 in the morning, I wasn't going to sleep so resorted to playing on the X-box 360.

EDF is a good game for such nights, as well as any Burnout game


awesome song

Just the thing to make you smile on a bad asthma day:)


Oh I've got it....I reckon the UK has been invaded by a giant herd of elephants...funny.....haven't seen any news items about it....mind you.....the news of the world probably have other things on their minds right now ;)


Awesome :D The question is, does this version have the right number of syllables to carry out chest compressions in first aid?!


Thats just how I've been feeling for a while (weeks). Love it.

(touch wood etc), tonight I realised just how heavy nellie is. The smarties have worked. Am sitting here being able to breathe. I'd forgotten just how easy it can be! I suspect she'll find me sometime overnight but its such a relief to be able to relax. Am on a reducing dose so I'll beat her :)

I think Nellie needs diet advice!


hee hee love it. it just describes how i'm feeling about now!

geina x


thats brilliant FeeJay

Nellie arrived at approx 3am this morning and isnt taking the hint perhaps i should sing this to her !!


in response to your post ratty,

tried and tested, not literally on a person :S but it just bout has right number of syllables for chest compressions ;)

as nurses both me and feejay would know how to write it for such :) hehe

(as a side note, thats how i was taught to do such, many year ago now! and wen i do teaching thats how i teach it!)

x x x


Nellie's back :(

Oh well.....hopefully she'll depart soon.

As to the chest compressions - Lol.....remember doing that in my training (and in updates!) also been told to use ""Staying Alive"" which I think is funny but more than a bit bizarre!

Ah, ah ,ah ,ah staying alive, staying alive...............etc etc.......black medical humour methinks!


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