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Off food

This is completely of topic as not asthma related but your such a wise and lovely bunch

I'm completely off of food not eaten barely anything in days I've always been through stages of fed up of food but completely not interested anyone else like this? Do u make ur self eat something? Do you just drink lots ?

Really just trying to figure out if it's just me or if it's normal

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yeah I go through phases like that, often not so keen on it but sometimes really have to force myself even with favourite stuff, reminds me of the time during and just after swine flu - didn't have stomach problems with it but really didn't want to eat anything. Has roughly correlated with when breathing started to get worse.

It's a rubbish feeling but you're not alone! Think it's the only thing keeping me a reasonable size mind you with the lack of exercise right now.


Hi lil tinx, have PM'd you :)


I get like that sometimes and don't know why. I tried to entice myself with favourite foods or new stuff i think i wanted to try. But drink lots to make sure i am not dehyrated.



Poor old bean. I find when I can't tolerate food that I'm usually ok with liquids, so I try to get as many nutrients in liquid form as possible. Smoothies, milkshakes, soups, etc. are all good, and you can have them in nice small portions so you don't feel overwhelmed!

I hope you feel better soon.



Thanks for all your replys and advice it's helped me no what to do and also made me feel better about the situation I didnt feel alone

My appetite has started to pick up a bit now! started eating mini meals of favourite foods !!

small seems to work well Slowly getting there !!

Lt x


When my asthma is bad and all inflamed all i want eat is Muller rice

and drinks of juice.

Well im not to good at the mo and a brill offer on them in tesco ,buy 1 get 2 free so

got 3 crates in now 18 to eat yummy !!!!



mostly drink a lot, but if not feeling great, esp if good ole lungs are playing up then its ice cream therapy in front of tv watching a good film :)



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