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Entertaiment Quiz

1) Name the pubs in:

Coronation street



2) Which British Film Studio is the home to the Harry Potter series of films?

3) Where is the Big Brother house located?

4) Name the seven actors who have played James Bond on film?

5) Peter Lawford, Sammy Davies and Dean Martin were three of the four known as The Rat Pack. Who was the fourth?

6) What year did The Beatles split?

7) Children's book The Famous Five series is being reissued. Who was the author?

8) Which Film released in the last 10 years, is in the top five of women's favourites and in the top five of men's most disliked?

9) TV in the UK, What year did TV broadcasting start?

What year did Commercial TV start?

What year did colour TV start?

10) Which British singer has sold the most records, in total as a soloist?

6 Replies

1 - Emmerdale is The Woolpack

Eastenders is The Queen Victoria

Coronation Street is ???

6 - 10th April 1970 ( don't ask me why I know LOL!)

7 - Enid Blyton ( I prefered Brer Rabbit)

10 - ?? Cliff Richard??



1. Rovers Return


4 .I can name 6 - Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, unless the 7th is David Niven who did a comedy James Bond film


2 - Pinewood, I believe

4 - Speedy is right, those seven have all played James Bond. But did anyone know that the very first time James Bond appears in Dr. No (the first Bond film) - in the opening ""gun barrel"" scene where Bond walks on screen and fires his gun at the camera - he was actually played by stuntman Bob Simmonds rather than Sean Connery? Yes, I'm an anorak.

5 - Frank Sinatra

9 - The BBC started TV broadcasting in 1932. ITV joined them in 1955, and colour TV first came to BBC2 in 1967.


I've been told that my answer to 2) and the first part of my answer to 9) below are incorrect.

I won't post the correct answers, though, as someone else might know them.


3. Esltree Studios, Borehamwood (though moving next year)

8. Bridget Jones Diary

10. Robbie Williams


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