Hi all Just need a bit of advice on what I should do last week my foot went over on some glass. I ended up at A and E and had four stiches and I am due to get them taken out tomorrow My problem is my toe is so sore I cannot even touch it let lone get the stiches out. I cannot even wear shoes so have been wearing my slippers these last few days I dont know wether to go to A and E because they can numb it. But dont know if rs surgery can do the same I dont want to waste peoples time but honestly dont know what to do its also gone really hot and a bit swollen Thanks in advance KA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS hope everyone else is ok

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  • Sounds like you have an infection in the toe. It is better to get it treated as soon as possible as the infection could spread and become far more serious. I would suggest you return to A&E today as an immediate course of the dreaded Antibiotics would seem the best way forward.

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