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Have you ever?

Have you ever said something, even bragged about something & then realized a short time later that you should have kept your thoughts to yourself?

For example;

Yesterday I repeatedly said that it looked like my lungs were going to behave long enough that I might even manage to be at home for the kids half term to enjoy the weather with them and my hubby who has taken the week off too. This morning I woke up with those early warning signs of impending cold. This will inevitably lead to deterioration and hospital admission. I reckon also that the timing will coincide perfectly with the beginning of the half term break. TYPICAL!!! I will keep these types of thoughts to myself from now on.


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Wot? Like the time I went on and on about my non-slip shoes and about two weeks later, wearing those self-same shoes, fell and broke a leg.


Or the time when I was working as a student (pre asthma days) scratching a spot on my arm saying ""HAHA or I could have one of those mental allergies! No! I am far too healthy to have an allergy!"" Turns out it was a really awful allergy which swelled my throat and eyes and ended with me going to A+E and was the start of all of this asthmaness! Oh well!


Both of those most definately qualify to join the ""Have You ever?"" wall of fame.

It's always ammusing when you retel these major ironies. If only you found it quite as entertaining when it was happening. I guess if you did though it would definately require the men in white coats!!!


hi...yep ive done something similar where i should have kept my mouth shut....used to have a running joke with a family member about how we were like the film 'what ever happened to baby jane' (as the family member has a mobility problem) and i would stand at the top of the stairs doing a little jig and laugh saying'look what i can do'...well now im really arthritic and have a dodgy knee after dislocating it...this was brought up recently which is a reminder that i shouldnt take the mick in future just in case....


this is the art of self jinx-ing!

a friend has a habit of coming into work when really sick she sat there coughing like crazy for a whole day and it drove me crazy as i though it was flu..confession is..

i nicknamed a friend at work smokey for her cough that sounded just like a smokers cough - i didnt know she was asthmatic too and that it was a flare up at the time - 2 years on i have that same cough! And i do feel guilty now...i was so insensitive that i actually apologised to her the other day to remove the jinx. (it didnt work!)


Had not seen sons x girlfriend for 6 months ,

she has gone from being blond to brown with a big thick

purple patch at the frount on her long frindge.

I said hey what a change you look like a parrot hahahaha!!

we both laughed but should have stayed zipped !!!!


Passing the dresser with it's milks, sugar, straws etc at top of stairs in Starbucks, member of staff was clearing the dropped sugar and giving the surface a clean. Shaking my head, I said ""Some people make such a mess"".

Famous last words! Placing my tray on our table, I narrowly missed DH as my mango passion fruit drink careered off the tray and landed on the floor.

Red face as carried the remains past the wee lass I'd talked to earlier. She laughed. Confessed my deed but said DH was cleaning up the floor. They made a new drink for me.


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