Unwelcome Cat, advice welcome?

I like to sleep with my small windows open, unfortunately next door neighbour's cat thinks its an invitation for her to join us too. Whilst I love all furries, being allergic don't want her in my home. I could get hubby to make little mesh net panels in a wooden frame, but would have to take these off each morning, plus find a way of fixing them in place, which would be a nightmare as our home is made of concrete panels (we usually have to drill holes to hang pictures). I wonder if anymore knows of some essential oils etc, that I could drop just inside the window opening to deter cat, I just want something that isn't over powering to me and won't hurt but deter cat. Any advice welcome, fed up of chucking cat out of home in the wee hours.


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  • hiya katina

    Ive got a cat and when training him found it very useful to use lemon juice or lemon oil. Cats dont like the smell of lemon and will avoid it. Failing that rubber snakes scare away cats without actually hurting them. Hope this helps take care and happy christmas lv kat Xxx

  • Shoot the evil creature. I hate cats with venom.

  • Get a ultra sonic cat scarer, put cat pepper down, or if that don't work, call in the pest control to get rid of the vermin.

  • Gornfishing your comments really are uncalled for sometimes, katina is asking for advice, as a cat lover (although allergic) comments like that upset me.

  • cruel as it sounds 2 squirts with water pistol solved problem for us, now sits on front door step and windowsill awaiting fuss from DH but doesn't venture in.

  • Moth Balls - crushed & sprinckled around outside.

  • Thanks for the advice, guys, had to remove Tigger from flat yet again yesterday. Own dog called Lottie, would have hoped she would have done her job, some hope, fed too well thats the trouble!

    Clare 22 don't be too hard on Gorn Fishing, he doesn't mean it really, bet he's a real pussy cat at heart or just a Lion waiting to get out!

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