What were you arrested for?

A wee bit of fun.... If you type your full name followed by was arrested for in speech marks it will come up with name matches and what supposedly your crime was... Remember these aren't about you... they are just name matches but they do make you laugh...To keep it light, lets try and keep them funny or minor!

Ok so it goes ""Joe Bloggs (example) was arrested for"" and press the search button.

Here is mine: I would be interested to see what you were ""arrested for"" LOL

HAHA I was arrested for peeing in a pool! Whoops... must try harder :)

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  • Searched on maiden name and married name and apparently I'm of good and blameless character as the searches came up blank. Lol. Good idea for a game though. Been trying to think of something to get everyone going.

  • Same here, I'm miss goody two shoes and so are all who share my name. Whilst doing the search for my maiden name, my brothers name came up. Strange! His namesake stabbed wife loads of times.

  • not sure how but mine came up all saintly as well, Oh well !

  • After the police had all ther evidence and witnesses they came knocking on my door

    and arrested me for doing a streak across stoke city football Pitch. hahaha

    edit -they looked up my name on the computer and read all about my past history (not real)

  • the police found out by records that I was married to 3 men together

  • Lol I was arrested in France for being a Russian spy!!!! Lmao ;-)

  • *laughs* Well the only name-sake I seem to have in the crime and punishment area is apparently a lawyer. I'm disappointed.

  • They looked my name up on the computer and found out I was once a man .

  • Drunk Driving And assualting 2 Family Members

  • Claire was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated and Possession of a Controlled Substance. oooops

  • The police looked my name up and found out I was arrested a few times for putting windows through.

  • I was arrested for piracy over in Iceland in the 1960s!!! lol ( i was not born!) hahaha

  • I Was arested for doing a mooney on a bus

  • I Was arested for doing a mooney on a bus

  • LOL I also got arrested for blowing up a government building..... What?!?!?!?! With MY lungs?

  • got arrested for being a litter lout

  • no results found !

    obviously the life of a law student !

  • That was a lot of fun, I was done for witchcraft. My anut always called me the witch lol.

  • Did a streak right across the pitch of Englands world cup game with slovenia

  • Did a streak right across the pitch of Englands world cup game with slovenia

  • no results found - well i always wanted to be a lawyer so meh. lol (i'm only 14 anyway)

    Jess x

  • well just did this and ive never been arrested but apparently im a fantastic snorkler lol

  • oh and ive also invented a great method for potty training in the us!

  • Haha, what a fab idea!

    I was arrested only 2 days ago in the US for stealing oxycontin from a pharmacy shop and driving the getaway car!!


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