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Dog mess

Reading down the rant and moan entries I came across the ones on dog mess. Reminded me of the time my husband got so annoyed with a neighbour who, despite being asked to stop, insisted on letting her afghan hounds foul our small gateway every day. Fortunately for us we had a small gap in the hedge further up, that the kids going to school could brush through. Wasn't perfect though.

So one day he collected that day's mess in a carrier bag and next morning very early, went up dropped it all over their front step. They got the message.

Woody - Not sure it would work on farmer with cows though.

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.... grrr horrid stuff!

Someone let their dogs poo just by my gate again .... only saw it when the snow thawed!

People think it is OK to not pick it up in the dark or in the snow!

And Why my gate!

Doggy warden has my name listed so I can call local council street people to clear up if it is by gate so I don't get it on the wheelchair wheels! Yick!


Watched a young girl and her boyfriend one evening let their dog mess right in the middle of a pavement. Stalked them for awhile whilst they walked their dog, then went back and cleaned up after their dog, and then placed the filled bag on their front door handle. Oh the temptation not to empty the bag on their doorstep or smear it on the door handle!

No excuse not clear up after your dog, I always carry some bags when out walking Lottie, hardly difficult.

Thank heavens I do, the little miss threw up in Spec Savers a couple of weeks ago, so embarrassing, but being the sweeties they are at my local branch they were more worried about her health.


My dog is to fussy and only does his mess in his yard.

Always keep a plastic bone thing with poo bags in it clipped to

his lead.

Does bother me when see the dog mess about school gates,

adults should no better and be responsible.


Glynis, your dog sounds just like mine, take her for walks, sniff everywhere and pee, but leave the messy bit till get home, nice!


I have a dog and always clean up after it. Some unspeakable human let their dog mess on my door step just before Christmas - un-real!!!!


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