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I was wondering what kind of hobbies people have?

Im a keen card crafter and am feeling rather guilty as i have just spent rather alot on new materials! Im trying to justify the purchases by saying that a)- its something i can do when im not well and i enjoy it and b) i have alot of brithdays coming up so need to make alot of cards!!

the big problem is there are so amny good craft sites on line and QVC and such like do brilliant bargains i can resist and it does cheer my up to get a parcel!!!

Are there any other card makers out there?

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not a card crafter, but just try and keep me away from a good cross stitch kit :D


Me. I used to have my own business making cards, and then we diversified into other crafts too and eventually into doing craft workshops. It was all doing quite well and then completely out of the blue my business partner had a massive heart attack and died (aged 42). With my health as rubbish as it is I couldn't keep the business going, but I loved it when I did it and still make cards, even though I'm also gradually working my way through the huge amount of stock we had.

If you're looking for good craft suppliers then you could try MSA Crafts for card blanks - they were one of the cheapest we found back in 2004/'05. There are also some good craft shops on ebay, who will sell directly rather than having to go through auction, though many do this too. It's also worth looking on ebay for bulk buys of things like glue. We once got something like 100 glue sticks for something ridiculous like £5 through an ebay auction. There's a fantastic shop in Washington, Tyne and Wear, who I think sell online too so it's worth looking for them - Dainty Supplies - and they have a massive selection of things for pretty much every craft you can think of, and sell at good prices too. I'll try to think of other suppliers we had too, though it was a while ago now.


also very in to computer games, faves include kingdom hearts, final fantasy 7, guildwars, the sims 2 seasons and burnout revenge


cross stitch is still my no one hobby, but I have also recently diversified into knitting. I love making cards out of my smaller cross stiches, and I have also made christmas tree decorations in the past from small x stitch patterns. I would love to be able to sell some of my things but can't because of copy right legislation and I can't seem to design anything original - but that is another story.........

Enjoy your card making hops, if it makes you feel brighter then it is worth every penny - and i agree getting a parcel in the post really does brighten your day



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