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It frequently takes me longer than 30 minutes to type a post and whilst it is not the be all and end all it would be nice if the time out was stretched to an hour, I now copy any long messages before submitting so I just have to paste them once I have logged back in.

Sorry for the duplicate post it won't allow me to delete one of them another bug that perhaps should be ironed out especially as it gives the option to delete.

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  • The ability for anyone except a mod to delete an initial post to a thread is disabled, because if you delete the initial post then all of the replies are deleted too, essentially giving the creator of a thread the chance to moderate against other people who have posted in that thread. This is something that is designed into the board software (like the fact that you can't delete PMs from your ""sent"" box) to improve the security and aid the modding team.

    The time-out being set at the 30 minute mark seems reasonable to me. This is meant to be a discussion forum rather than a ""blog-esque"" board, so the designers deciding that 30 minutes was long enough to craft a post seems a fair assumption. If you're using a non-Microsoft browser you can log in again and click your way back to the posting page, where you will find your post still there in its entirety, and then resubmit it. Alternatively, it's much easier to create long posts in a word processor and copy-and-paste them here anyway. Regardless, because the log-in time limit is site-wide (and not just limited to the message boards) this is something that is very, very unlikely to be changed.

  • bex, have you tried voice recognition, may be easier once you get it set up correctly, I played with it when it first appeared 10 years or so ago, but not bothered since, as I can touch type at 45-50 wpm, if I feel like it.

  • Steve, thank you for replying I have really poor concentration when it comes to words, I can't read a book for the same reason. It takes me an age to type a message and then I have to re-read it several times to iron out the typos. Having completed a post it is annoying to hit submit only to get the log in page. AUK is the only forum I use with a 30 minute log out, the rest vary from none at all to an hour.


  • All of the other message boards that I moderate/run have no time-outs at all. The only reason AUK have one is because of the site-wide log-in, which includes paying for AUK stuff (or paying to enter events), and standard practice is for there to be less-than-one-hour time-outs on any site where you could be entering payment details. It's a pain, but there you go!

  • Ah I was unaware there was a money issue as well. Thank you for explaining Steve.



  • I take being 'timed out' as signal I'm rabbiting on. In which case, I stop. Mostly.

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