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Open university-studying in hospital

I started my first open uni course a few weeks ago, it began while I was in hospital.

I'm finding it almost impossible to get into it, I'm getting distracted very easily by everyone and everything. I've not studied in years so to try and do this in hospital aswell I'm finding very difficult.

I dont want to get anymore behind as soon as I open my books, theres too much noise, its obs time, drugs, nurses- ooo wat you doing etc I just cant seem to focus!

anyone got any tips on how I can set my mind to this and nothing else?

I really dont want to get behind anymore!

thanks in advance


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Could you set a specific time to start work and find a quiet place and get on with it>


I'm really impressed at you doing this whilst in hospital - there's dedication. I'm also doing a uni course and there's no way I could do that - actually I've been told not to and just to focus on rest because I was getting stressed about my work (or lack of) and that wasn't helping my recovery.

I don't know if you can be out of bed and if there's a day room - I know on the ward I get put on no one uses the day room at all, so that would be quiet - although there's still the issue of obs etc.

As to not being disturbed, that's easy - you swap to my subject which, although not strictly maths, has mathematics in the title - most people run a mile when I mention that!!!


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