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just a little rant :)

today after spending the night in a n e i had a bitch of a day with one irritating and horrible thing happening after another. one of my dogs wasnt well and had to get her to the vets which hurt like hell for me (yep i know it wasnt a nice day for her like either having to face the dreaded vet) as i was still sore from last night and generally feeling very fed up-when 2 men dressed in smart suits stopped me and said something that i hadnt heard what they had said so i asked sorry what was that as polite as i could when i realised they had a jesus christ panel on their jackets....they basically asked me if i believed in the lord and that if i did jesus help help cure my limp(caused by falling out of the bath cos of my arthritis and dislocating my knee cap-so if i do ever get to meet god i will be giving him a piece of my mind for letting me fall out of the bath in the first place or come to that letting me have no will power that i smoked for years causing my asthma etc!), when i told them i didnt want to be preached to in the street and walked away one of the mans passing shots was basically i limped cos i obv didnt believe.....nice world isnt itxxx


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