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I promise

I know there are a fair few Brown Owls or whatever they are called now out there. I was wondering when I was a Brownie 30 mumble years ago we were given a book before enrollment in it was a bit about promises, it had a picture of a girl battling through waist deep snow and a blizzard, hampered by a bike (?) to get a ""book"" to someone she had promised she would deliver it to the day before. This image haunts me now, if I promise something nothing less than death or the end of the earth will prevent me from trying to do something. Please tell me there are not hundreds of poor innocent 7 year olds today reading something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.


ps does anyone else remember this picture?

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circa. 1978!!

Thinking about it, yes I do remember the picture in the Brownie Guide handbook.

There was quite a few weird pictures and advice too!


not sure how to word this correctly , so dont take any offence , its my language skills lol

seeing as im a few years younger than you are bex, i had a different style of brownie handbook which actually had a fair few freeky pictures in it but i cant remember what was on the cover.

hmmmm... i sure its lurking in here somewhere , i shall have a good old look tomorrow , as we are hosting tonight (joy- im shattered) , dont think i can face the underbed storage boxes now ,

Three reasons:

1. the dust in there is prob not to great, havent cleaned them for a few weeks been to busy

2. if dusty would ruin nice clean black trousers and crease new blouses parents bought me lol

3. company are now overdue and im being hagged to get of laptop

will try to track my old handbook down tomorrow



No offence taken and would love to know if I am remembering correctly I have a feeling it was a smallish paperback book and I know the guide one was a lot bigger. If I were in America I would sue for trauma caused since :)



lol bex , have been fed and dismissed from duty, will def hunt them out tomorrow, however mine might not be the same as yours because i was a brownie around 9 years a go at a guess (im 17 now), i will definatley cornfim what i find tomorrow , right now im still dressed up nicely but in bed watching casulty . my day tomorrow has been freed up so i have plenty of time to find it , we where supposed to be meeting up with two sets of family friends, but one of the girls is on tamiflu as she has a very high temp and sore throat , arangemetns officially cancelled. read about your family in your other post so i hope they are all copeing ok and that you and the others avoid it , fingers crossed ! x


As a former brownie leader think this one slipped me by! or can I put it down to my age!. I now help with a guide unit but th leader of the Brownies before us has just completed 35years service so will pick her brains next time I see her. I'm sure she'll remember the book and if I know Lorraine will probably even produce a copy for me too! Will update you on my progress.

Just for info we do try and not put the fear of God into any new recruits these days!. Would probably get prosecuted and doesn't help with the numbers! Its funny what you remember about things like this. I still think Guidding is ace and has done a lot or me including helping get a job. Would love to hear about what others remember from their days in guiding.

hope you aren't too traumatised!!!

Take care



You should have seen the old St John Ambulance manuals!! Got a few lurking around somewhere.... Houger- Nielson & Sylvester methods of Rescusitation!! Eeek!


Bex - i cant find it any where im intreged to know how what was on the cover and even more intrested to find out where i put it now

sorry xx


Bex i know the one you mean but sadly dont have a copy; my oldest one goes back to early 90's but i no longer have my copy of my hand book which would have been early 80's.

As a current brownie leader(im eagle owl not brown owl as my brown owl from28 yrs ago is still one!!) i can safely say there are no traumatic pictures in the most recent additions!!!!


Hops, thank goodness I thought I was going mad, it is bad enough to spend my adult life forever remembering that picture everytime I make a promise to find I was imagining the whole thing would have been 10 times worse. The picture would be in a handbook circa 1976 if that helps.



If you dont mind waiting i will go through all my old gear when term starts again in sept meanwhile i will ask a friend who has been in guiding for a very long time.


Hops, no problem waiting at all it would just be good banish this thing once and for all!

Hope you are well



Well I don't remember that picture Bex, but it is weird what sticks in our minds. I loved Brownies and Guides and do remember that 'Brownies' stands for

B - brave

R - right

O - obedient

W - willing

N - neat

I - independent

E - earnest

S - sunny

Why I remember that who knows - I certainly don't manage to be all of those things!! :)


Does anyone remember pocket inspection I think the contents were:

Clean Hanky


2p for the phone

A peice of string

note book


I can remember group singing around a papermache toadstool that stood about 2ft high, several of the more delicate souls had to leave the room if we were singning Puff the Magic Dragon cos it made them cry.

And wasn't there a sort of coming together song which I seem to remember was called the howl?? and I think the words were something like this:

We're Brownie Guides, We're Brownie Guides

We're here to lend a hand, to love our god and serve our Queen all thoughout the land

We're Brownie Guides We're Brownie Guides

From North, South, East and West we join together in our ring and try to do our best

FInally I was 6er of the Ghillie Dhus' (found the spelling finally)


hi bex -im sure you got the song right , i also remeber that veery well , dont think we ever had pocket inspections , go you i was a seconder for a while and then moved up to sixer of the Leprechauns and i stayed on an extra year to help out ass i didnt want to go to guides

can anyone name the badges they got , i still have mine all on my sash (off to find it )



I can remember doing my cooks one making shortbread in the kitchen of some 100 year old haridan who had been Brown Owl in past life. I have never been so glad to get a prefect batch of shortbread out of the oven as I was that day. Mind you I shook so much I nearly spilt the lot.

I was lucky enough to do 2 brownie camps, the 2nd being enlivened by the daughter of one of the ""owls"" getting chicken pox, as my sister had had it a year before and despite my mums best efforts I had failed to catch it on my medical form it said immune, so guess who spent much of her day tending the poxy one and guess who 10 days later came out in the most horrendous chicken pox I was covered, ran a huge fever and even had poxes on the inside of my eyelids. I did get home nurse badge or something out of it. My father also left my Mum during that camp, 2 previous attempts having been thwarted by me. I remember seeing my Mum come to collect me and my first words where where is Dad? I was a Daddy's girl through and through. It must have been dreadful for my poor Mum. I never went on brownie camp again :(



ooo.. i cant remember what badges i did off the top of my head (bad at my age) WIill get my sash out and look at them tomorrow , i no it was quite full (i no where it is lol)

o no sounds like you had a bad experience at brownie camp then ! im sorry ot hear that , i never went on camp (wasn't allowed) .

i do remeber chicken pox well tho , still have quite a large ammount of scars 13years later !

it must have been horrible for you to get bac and find out about your parents , i guess you will always link the two together now

ooo. i no i did a hostes badge an i had to make a table arangement for it , haha the ammount of fun and mess i had there !

i will update you on what i find on the sash !

hugs xx


Bex - the words are spot on and my brownies still sing it now!!!

Have to admit by the time i was a brownie inflation had hit and it was 10p for the phone but everything was the same!!! I still have all my badges sewn on my camp blanket which is a big talking point at ant guiding activity when it comes out and mt promise badge is in my jewelry box along with my guide 1 & my D of e awards too.

table decorations are still a very important part of the hostess badge but i do think the standard isn't as high as when i was a brownie!! I can remember one of my badge testers was a health visitor and she was soooo scary she was also county commissioner - the first time she tested me for a badge i was so scared to ask to use her loo i nearly wet myself!!!


oh dear hopkalong .... i dont think i ever let myself get that desperate...

dug out my sash and found i had :

the brownie promise badge

a rainbow - for previously being a rainbow

a yellow,green and red birthday badge

2 journey challenges badges - footpath and highway

world guiding intrest badge

my sixer and seconder badge( put on the inside)

Hostess badge

speaker stage 1

adventure out

a harry potter badge from an event we went to when the first harry potter came out

golden jubilee badge (got this during my last few months)

my pack name badge

im not sure what the others where any one have any ideas

- my six badge , green thing with pointed hat ? - i thought it was a lepracheun but not sure ?

- badge with a sun and cloud on it

- badge with a green circle with a white and black handshake

- a black square badge with a white sword on (i remember this has to be worn on the back of the sash)

any one any ideas as to what they where - p.s. they are the old style brown triangle badge with girl guided written across the top in yellow



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