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BT Arggggggggggggggg

I had my BT bit of my phone bill today (line rental) dated the 14th May, arrived here on the 20th demanded payment by the 21st. Geee thank you BT! Even if it had gone 1st class the earliest it would have got to me would have been the 15th May still leaving me under a week to pay it!

Also had my mobile bill dated 19th May and payment by 30th in both cases that is under 2 weeks what on earth happened to the old 28 days from the date on the this letter thing.


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I have just got my phone bill yesterday and has to be paid by 26th. I nearly had heart attack when I seen how much it was for £135.94 but I noticed it said one off charge £55.00 so I phoned BT they said it was for ending my contract with them and getting disconnected. I told them I have not ended my contract so the took the £55.00 off my bill.

The point im trying to make is I questioned my bill but what about poor OAPs they might have this done to them and they may not quetion it. Has anyone else recived a bill with this one off charge on it. Take care xx


If my Grandad the man who always pays his bills on the dot had got my phone bill he would have been in a right tizzy he only goes to town once a week on a Monday and so would not be able to pay until the following week. The mere thought of going overdue is enough if to send him into a blind panic.

I have called BT's free phone number and put some poor girl though all the trouble of manually registering that will need more time to pay my bill and will pay it in 3 instalments on the 22nd, 24th and 26th May having set up with online banking for that to happen automatically. I feel better now :)



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