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ear problem?

My 3 year old boy (who has asthma but not related to this), came into our bed ealry hours Saturday morning and unsettled but sleeping in-between. When I asked him if something was sore he said his ear was. I gave him some calpol and he slept and has been fine since. This morning he woke with blood around the inside of his ear, but wasn't so much that it was on the pillow. It looked like blood and not straw-coloured fluid. He hasn't complained of anything and has no symptoms at all. I wondered whether to get advice, but having no other symptoms I considered it all right to visit the doctor tomorrow. Now I (and husband) are worrying that we should have done something. What do you think?

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phone NHS Direct if you are in the UK 0845 46 47 - they will be able to reasure you or advise.

Has he poked something in there? Ask him nicely! Small people do that sometimes with things like beads or other objects they find around.

Take care



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