water meter charges

Hello to all.

As many people who pay for water re meter instead of rates.

This may interest some of you.

For many years i have been paying considerably more for water. Im sure some people may be better off , but i wasnt.

I was paying app £50 a month for water which was more than some friends who didnt have a meter. I couldnt figure out why i was paying more, when there was only me & my wife than a house with 4 people in.

Then, i was told by a woman working for water board, they have a vulnerable tarrif, which reduces charges.

If you are ill, or anyone else in house is ill, you can apply to be put on this tarrif.

Basically, due to suffering a lot of pain, i often have up to 4 baths a day. Also, this increases washing, which means i use more water. This is why my charges were higher.

The upshot is, if you are in similar circumstances & pay more cos of water meter, this is what you do.

Ring water company & ask for form to apply for vulnerable tarrif.

Fill all questions in, detail reasons for using more water. In my case its extra baths each day & extra washing etc.

Your doc fills in a section or writes a letter confirming you use more water than usual due to medical reasons.

My payments dropped from 50 to 27 a month.

Makes quite a difference doesnt it.

Im with yorkshire water, they dont exactly go out of their way to let customers know about this tarrif, but its there if you need it.

I dont know if all water suppliers do this, but if youre in similar situation, its only going to cost a phone call.

Hope this helps someone, ive been on the tarrif for a few years, they check up on you each year.


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  • thanks for the info howie

    i will certainly find out about this. i pay rent to my flatmate, which covers obviously the rent and utility bills. so he be glad if i can save him some money!!

    i used to love having showers, but not for a long time, not since becoming more unwell, find it difficult standing up in shower due to pain and shortness of breath etc... so having a bath to reduce such, and as you say more than one a day reduces such even more = more money... = more washing = more more money!!

    i will ask him to enquire about such.



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