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Need to blow off steam...

Sorry about this peeps, but I really need to blow off some steam about this and I just need some empathy here.

OK, because of my asthma and it's severity, I am often unable to go out or do an awful lot and have days when all I want to do is sleep and recover from the events that have proceeded it. I feel so frustrated as we have a neighbor who constantly complains about my coughing at night, using my nebuliser (my freeway is a bit noisy) and ambulances turning up at random hours. None of these are my fault.

So where does he get off in playing his music so loud at stupid times, at a volume that actually feels as though it is actually coming in through the wall. It vibrates everything, including the bed which when I am sore and tired is only going to cause further discomfort. The housing officer refuses to do anything because it is during the day and although there are laws about this, he says that theres no point in doing anything, and as we dont work at the moment (steve is looking for a job and I have been signed off) we don't have that much by way of rights anyway.

I am upset by all this as I am a vulnerable adult and I feel as though we are just being victimised by the whole thing and we want to move out, but we do have a problem with some rent arrears that were run up, all because the job centre didnt listen to us when we made our claim and no one will backdate anything. We're stuck here and my health is suffering and I cant rest or recover.

Any ideas

(a very tearful and pained) Wendy

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Hi Wendy,

Have you contacted environmental health regarding the loud music? I would also start documenting the date and times it is happening and for how long. I think noise stress at home can be the worst kind because our home is meant to be our sanctuary.




Firstly honey, blow off that steam, it aint doing you any good unless you are sucking it in with some meds ...lol

Secondly, if the job centre made an error at the start of your claim, you are entitled to ask for backdating, so write a letter of complaint to the centre manager. I did this for my son who has mental health issues,stating all the facts and it worked.

Thirdly, your housing officer needs a kick up he backside, it isnt about noise, its about enjoying your home, and if its vibrating, then he is spoiling it for you and they should take action, so bypass him and contact the housing manager. You could also see if anyone wants to do a direct swap with you. Your rent arrears should not affect your rights.

Finally whether you are working or not, you have the same rights as everyone else, and if all else fails, write to your MP.

Just in case your thinking that I am sitting in an ivory tower looking down. I am unemployed due to redundancy and havent been able to find a new job... I am responsible for my son and a teenage daughter.... my partner did a runner when the asthma got bad and I'm living on £60 a week. But you know what? ... it doesn't matter.

Look around you and concentrate of the good things in life for a while. You have a home, you have a man that cares, a family that loves you.

Hope you feel better soon xx

PS ... If you want to see the letter of complaint I wrote, I would be happy to send it to you, removing names etc.


Thank you both, its so much easier when you have a nice network of support around you. Am going to write to both Job Centre Plus, RBC and contact the housing manager directly as well as environmental health. This cannot go on and it isn't right, no one should have to cope with yobs making their lives hell just because they think its appropriate.

Steve went out earlier and when he came back, he had with him 2 of my best friends to cheer me up which was lovely. Nat sat with me while I was having an attack and he basically made sure I fell asleep and stayed there for a bit.

*hugs to all*


I really feel for you. I've had noisy neighbours in the past and it really is awful, especially when you are unwell. I can't add to the good advice you've been given except to say keep plugging away at the officials. Hope it gets resolved soon. xx


aww have you tried talking to your neighbours about your severe asthma and let them see

how your neb works.Could help them understand a little as most people think you just puff a

blue thing then are ok.

love Glynis.

rant away its a good place to do it as we are all their for eachother xxx


I would get in touch with benefits agency re arrears of rent and push for them to clear these. Wether u work or not ur entitle to have a homelife. I would speak again re the noise to your housing and contact environment services they can come and take a recording of noise back up your claims that it's excessive . Also the diary is a good thing. Contacting police if any confrontation from

Neighbour. These things all support your claim. May improve chances of a move for you. Hope things improve



Update on the noise situation, we ended up calling the emergency reporting line and now he's doing it worse than ever and in to stupid times at night. I have a poorly piggie to take care of too and we were told to prepare for the worst if he didn't start getting better.

I have a fever and we don't know why, coughing up green rubbish and barely have the energy to do anything, but have been forcing myself to look after my sick companion. I just hope things get easier :(


If he's doing it more just keep phoning the noise control. As it's evidence of the harrasment and a stronger case for a move. Keep phoning ur Landlord also


Also, stress the effect it's having on your health.Get a doctor's letter if you can. Keep copies of any letters you write and make a note of date and time of phone calls you make or recieve.

Have been through similar so know what it's like. Feel free to PM me. xx


Sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your neighbour. Your housing officer is just being too lazy to do his job properly. Having had problems with my neighbours a while ago I was told it does not matter what time of day it is that the noise is occuring, if it can be deemed excessive then the neighbours will have to do something about it. (is your neighbours house bought or social housing, if social housing then its easier to sort the noise than bought properties - had issues with both). If social housing, the council or housing association responsible for that tenant has to write to them requesting the noise is kept down. At the same time they will ask you to keep a diary. Depending on the the specific info the council needs for your area you will be asked for things like the time the noise started, the time it finished, the effects of the noise, how it made you feel etc. They will give you a period of time to collect this info then based on what you have said they may then give you a maching to record the level of noise. My situation got sorted at this point as I made it clear I was not going to back down, but I was lucky I didnt have nasty neighbours that made me feel threatened in anyway. What I would suggest is phone the housing team every single time the noise is too much and at the weekend phone the wardens, noise and nusiance teams which ever service your area has and report it on the pretty bad days. I phoned so often they knew who I was in the end as soon as I said my name, they knew I was on the war path lol. Hopefully your situation will be sorted quickly but please be aware that the council do move slowly when you want them to move so hang in there hun it will get sorted. As for your rent arrears fight it, they made the mistake the onus is on them to sort it out. Please let me know how you get on, pm me anytime you want. xxx Take care Sally xxxx


You do have rights, we have a housing officer like you, and we just go above his head. Keep records of your neighbour's behaviour, I understand what you are going through been there, done that! I use a neb, my neighbour up stairs uses a neb, another friend up the street has a neighbour with COPD so you hear her coughing and using her neb. So as far as I am concerned your neighbour is just being unreasonable. Regardless of your/your husband's employment situation your rights are unaffected. Being unemployed doesn't make you a second rate citizen.

If your housing officer/housing association continue to be obstructive, and that is what they are doing, start the complaints procedure (every housing association has one), they get mighty upset I find when you do this and usually things start to change. Don't expect a change overnight though, due to law constraints anti social behaviour by neighbours does take time to sort out, but I find if you stick to your guns things do get better. Also look into if other neighbours are effected by your neigbour, usually find if you get together the outcome is better.

Finally (though you do have to go through the housing association complaints procedure first) there is a Housing Ombudsman.



I thought I would update you all on my progress. Have a social worker coming out next week and they will be having words with the housing officer and getting Enviro Health involved.

Guy still has no respect for anyone else around here. Right now the music is so loud, I can feel it through the floor, bed and chairs, and the vibrations are very painful, not helped by the fact it is Dub-Step (dance) music and all it contains is over bassy beats which hit like a plank in the side.

He had the audacity to bang on the wall screaming ""SHUT THE **** UP!!"" while I was having a neb earlier. I was having a NEB! I was trying to keep myself BREATHING!! He complains when we have ambulances, so when I want to have a neb, I jolly well will! It's not like he can die without his music! I CAN die without my medicines.

Sorry for the ranting, am just at the point at the moment where I want a rest but am not allowed this anymore. Am getting sick of this now :(


1WA I hope the social worker can help with your housing issues. I would emphasise the fact that stress,tiredness and other strong emotions can make asthma worse and howxpoorly you have been recently. When a social worker came out to me last summer to assess my needs he was very nice and extremely helpful, hope your one will be be too.

Take care and good luck. x


What a complete moron that chap is. I used to put in ear plugs when I had a noisy neighbour (chap in upstairs flat). I know what a nightmare it is. Keep a record of the times and how long it goes on for. Also note down his banging on the wall and what he shouts. Good luck with the social worker. Thinking of you. xxx


Hi 1winged.

I think you are most unfortunate due to the severity of your asthma.

Also, your neighbour is a prat.

When my youngest daughter became too ill to work, she had to apply for esa i think it is called now.

She had no problems when it came to sorting out her mobility, as she is now confined to a wheelchair. It took approx 6 weeks & they backpaid her.

The big problem was getting esa.

They lost her forms 3 times.

Then said cos they couldnt find forms they lost, she had to start a new claim, 9 weeks they kept fobbing her off using excuses like

Not paid enough ni

Not supplied correct info

Filled in wrong forms, even though they gave her them.

When it was finally sorted,, they said she. could only claim from that week.

She appealed twice before they backdated her money inc housing benefit & council tax.

Dont let them dissuade you.

You have rights.

It takes time, but you will win & they should backdate benefits inc housing benefit to time of original claim.

Good luck



Sorry I haven't replied sooner but this was me a couple of years ago (Noise issues)and i steered clear of posting a reply.

I lived in a ground floor flat with one flat above in a terrace of flats. Neigbour above made my life very difficult for years with noise, deliberate banging etc. Kept a log for years, had to call police on numerous occasions but the person was a bit sly and could work the system. Tried recording equipment but with noice only lasting 20 seconds at 2am by the time i got up to turn it on it had stopped.

In the end I got moved and I requested a bungalow as there was no way I would feel safe from noise in another flat! I threatened all sorts and rattled a lot of people's cages at the housing etc and they got me one........... I would have taken things further legally if they didn't provide me with a civil place to live. (Also rubbish and overgrownbushes in front garden was a problem, poor paramedics navigating round wild rose bush...)

It took nearly 2 years I think to get moved after nearly 8 years of disturbance. It was affecting my health physically - being woken in night made me tired and prone to acute attacks etc.

Has mediation been mentioned? Perhaps if they don't realise how it is affecting you this may be a route. (Though not in my case, they didn't see there was an issue) Letters from the council were treated as trophies and celebrated with yet more abuse and noise.

Anyway, how is the situation at the moment?


I think he has been formally warned, as the noise has calmed down, Steve saw him in town the other day and explained to him and his lovely girlfriend (she really is a lovely girl) that yes the machine is loud and obnoxious, but it is vital or I will be in deep trouble. He was very humble after this.

Had a meeting with local Physical Disability Support Service and they're going to have a separate company called DIAL to come round to me and bring lots of forms for benefits I should be getting (DLA among other things) as well as helping us appeal to housing benefit to get us back paid, getting our arrears cleared off and sorted.

Thank You all for your kind words of support through all of this, it really helps when your in this situation and you don't know where to turn next.

Wendy xx


I am so pleased for you Wendy! I hope things continue to improve and get sorted.

Jac xxx


Excellent News!!!

On the advice and with the help of my Support Worker, we managed to appeal to Housing Benefit about the arrears and the back-date we should have been paid back at the end of 2009. We were awarded this and our arrears will be paid for us, so hopefully by the summer we should be out of this dump!


That's brilliant. I'm so pleased for you, you really deserve some luck. I hope you get somewhere quite with nice neighbours who are sensitive to your health problems.

Keep well



hope ur moved out of that situation soon so u can get comfort and sleep easy



hi winged angel

Hope you dont mind me blowing off steam on this thread too

I cannot get my walking frame into my car alone! I cannot get my walking frame out of the car alone!

Therefore how am i meant to go out alone?!

It is a barrier!

Winged angel i really understand your frustration!



Moving on...

Our days here in the YMCA are well and truly numbered, we move out in the next 2 weeks :)


Good news 1_winged_angel. I hope u r going somewhere a bit quieter.


Glad things are getting sorted for you,

love glynis xxx


That's great news. You deserve some peace and quiet at last.

Here's hoping that your new home is everything that you want.


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