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The 'asthma control' playlist


In an idle moment today when I should have been working, I started putting together a playlist in my head of songs I could play to my lungs to calm them down (hey, music therapy has had some good press for brain injuries, why not lungs? ;))

So far I only have three possibilities:

Ain't Misbehavin' (Fats Waller/Andy Razaf) Actually the lyrics sound more like what asthma can do to your social life

Every Breath You Take - The Police

California Dreamin' - The Mamas and the Papas (nice warm place to sort out lungs)

Please help me expand this list - I think we could all do with it ;)

NB Can also have a 'banned' list: no.1, Breathless - The Corrs

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That sounds like a grand idea...good thinking on your behalf!!!

the good songs I would think of (has the calming effect) are:

- Damien Rice - Canninball

- Snow patrol - Crack the shutter

- Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

- R. Kelly - I believe I can Fly

- Christina Perry - Jar of Hearts

- Bon IVer - Skinny Love

- R. Kelly - Worlds Greatest


- Shane Ward - Breathless!!!!


my fave song for thinking the drs are all wrong with prognosis etc. is

Quitters by George Canyon

(although this is really about my paraplegia, the bit where he says 'im gonna prove you wrong' is applicable to any problem...!)

My banned number 1 would have to be Take my Breath Away - Berlin


awww Rose :( I hope they are wrong!

Some more possibilities (haven't actually heard most of these I don't think, I was just curious and typed 'breath' into the search box in iTunes)

Take A Breath - Jonas Brothers

Putting On My Top Hat - Fred Astaire (we WILL go out!)

Banned list

no.2: Lose Your Breath - Destiny's Child

no.3 I Can't Breathe Anymore - David Gilmour

Love everyones suggestions

Charlie christina perri jar of hearts reminds me of good times so definatley agree there

Philomela police every breath you take is def one I'd put on the list

I would add :

Coldplay fix you



Hollies - Air that I Breathe.

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene

Banned: Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water.


Goldfrappe- A&E

Alesha Dixon- Breathe Slow

Cold Play- Fix You



You can't ban Smoke On The Water it's a classic!!!!!

Wear a mask. Lol.


Ah ha! Dave I'm with you on that one! Deep Purple for the win! :D

Could we pretend smoke on the water was a neb????? :P

How about Prodigy's Breathe?

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