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My family are an evil lot (or, don't tease people about their favourite vices)

Anyone else's family like to wind them up?

Just to put this in context, I am really mad about (dark) chocolate in all its forms. I don't drink (can't, doesn't agree with me), don't smoke (that would be a spectacular own goal really, plus I don't like the smell), don't drink coffee, tea, Coke etc (because I don't like them not because I think they're bad for me). So I have pretty much one vice which I figure is not really a bad one compared to some, but damn I love it!

Today I ate a chocolate. (Well, more than one actually, but just one with family around). 5 mins later I started coughing violently - which isn't that surprising, as I have a cold which has gone to my chest and have been doing it for several days unrelated to chocolate consumption! However, my mum and brother, being the evil people that they are, started saying 'ooh, you must be allergic to chocolate, look at you coughing. You'll have to give up chocolate! Remember the lavender you said you weren't allergic to?' etc etc for several minutes.

I'm pretty sure I'm not actually allergic to chocolate or the stuff in it - timing etc doesn't work.

But is my family evil or what lol?! I don't know how I put up with them sometimes. ;) And I was mad enough to agree to work with them?

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Hi Philomela,

I vote that they all have to give you with loads of chocolate as compensation for the terrible trauma they've caused you!

:) Tina


I think they should buy you some of the best quality dark chocolate of your choice, just to check their theory of course!! lol


Tina, long time no see, hope you're doing ok?

I like both these suggestions hehe - thanks! I also think I need to test the chocolate from lots of different places, just to be thorough.

Oh how I wish some of the tests they give you involved eating chocolate! Since I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic it would be a breeze - certainly way more fun than lung function tests or the delightful-sounding methacholine challenge.


Oh Philomena, that is so not on and must be compensated with much dark choc. Hotel Chocolat?! That is brave working with them. I too don't like tea, coke or red bull (eurgh) but proper strong coffee with choc, hmmm.

Tina/TS good to see you back, hope you've been ok.


Yeah sometimes I think I must be mad working with my family! Though it's a start-up and there's no other way I could have such an interesting job in my industry atm (anywhere big I'd probably still be doing the filing and making cups of tea for the princely sum of £15,000 p/a (in London)).

Hotel Chocolat are my new favourite people, their choc is amazing! Had some this evening in fact as my brother got a mixed selection for Xmas and being a philistine doesn't like dark choc. I did not cough after eating it...

I've never actually had Red Bull, can't say I'm tempted! Only had Coke when forced to, occasionally after stomach bug, flat, as my mum insists it is excellent for rehydration with the sugar and salt (I should think she's right this time). And one whole can when forced to by a cardiologist lol - well, he said I could either have revoltingly sweet tea, coffee ditto, or Coke - my choice, but I'd have to have one of them. What a waste - some people would love a free Coke on the NHS.


Philomela, i drink about 1,5L coke a day, every day (if i can get it, which ist all the time but most of) i have diet no caffeine though, cuz otherwise it would be bad for my heart...


My family are an evil lot too.

Love dairy milk but within twenty minute of eating it, I'm coughing my head off. Really annoying. Dark chocolate tend to be fine with.

Love bacon too but it can really set me off. Tend to swap with my OH for a fried tomato or an egg. Of course there is the odd occasion, and usually its in IKEA's restaurant for breakfast, when I'm so busy thinking and making notes in my head about what I'm buying that I munch it all up without thinking. Leading to OH saying ""Well you ate THAT ok. Thought bacon made you cough."" And so on..


My vice is chocolate. I'm trying to avoid it for the new year, by focusing on ice cream instead. Not working very well, I've only got chocolate ice-cream in the fridge and am munching on a twirl right now :(

Hotel Chocolat is gorgeous though.... am being strong though


I'm doing ok, things are easier without the pollen. I hope things are ok for you guys, I still want to kidnap your GP Philomela!!!


Tina, I like your approach to vices! Ice cream of course has no calories, as it's cold and calories are a measure of heat - it's in the name. I have some Ben & Jerry's Half Baked in my freezer and am wishing I'd taken advantage of the offer to get some Choc Fudge Brownie as well.

Thanks for warning me that you might be trying to kidnap my GP, I'll be sure to warn him not to walk down any dark alleys! If you succeed though, can you remind him my referral needs sorting? Plonk him in front of the computer and wave a gun at him till he's finished with Choose & Book. Thanks!

Oh, and make sure you share on here if he comes out with any more gems. I'm still laughing from 'are you entering the Olympics?'


Sadly, my entire family seems to be made up of wind-up merchants and I have to admit to being one of them. My favourite game is to embarrass my younger son, who is a baker, at work. If I see him on the shop floor I march up to him, straighten his hat (don't know why he needs it, he keeps his hair so short), pick imaginary fluff off his shoulder, smile proudly and say 'now you DO make mummy proud' then make my escape before he gets his revenge by planting a big kiss right on the lens of my glasses so I can't see where I'm walking.

Thank heavens my vices are, like yours, fairly harmless - I shudder to think what they'd do to me if they ever found that I liked something really outlandish!


lol Annista! My mum did a great job of hideously embarrassing me in front of my friends on my 21st - quite on purpose of course.

Met my family for lunch and country 'walk' today (for which I had completely inappropriate shoes on as hadn't known we were going for a walk.) Had some choc truffle cake at lunch so of course they took the chance of doing some more winding up!

I did point out I hadn't coughed at all despite walking outside (kept to myself the 'burning lung' feeling) so clearly the chocolate was good for me.


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