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It's appeared in my diary exactly a week away I have a dentist appointment I'm petrified literally

I hate going I hate going alone and generally am vey scared of it ! So much so I'd quite like to cancel it !

I dont no why I have such and irrational fear of it or going alone! My parents both worked full time so for at least the last nearly five years I've done all my drs appointments been to hospital asthma clinic had bloods and other tests ect all on my own totally easy no fears at all yet I'm totally freaked out by the dentist and I've no idea why !!??!!!

Anyone any tips of dealing with such an irational phobia ?

Thankyou x

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lil tinx

I don't know if it'll help but you're not alone! Tell your dentist that you're scared - he'll have heard it before and will know not to do anything without telling you what he's doing and why.

Good luck



I hate dentists too..!


Phobias rarely are rational! And I think everyone has one or two odd ones - dentist fear seems pretty sane to me. The rest of my family hates hospitals, full stop. I don't mind going to one for myself (admittedly haven't ever been an inpatient) but I really don't like visiting people in them. Which seems like the wrong way round somehow.

Hope you get on ok at the dentist.


I can't walk into the dentist. you're doing better than me!


geina x


I told my dentist about this type of fear. He told me he does not have a dentist because he never eats sweets and brushes regularly. Imagine that. Its strange because I noticed his surgery is like a sweet shop, too many customers.



I absolutely hate going to the dentist. My teenage son, who has had lots of treatment including extractions, doesnt mind going at all. Sorry, I'm not much help to you. Good luck!!


Hi lil tynx

Try to think about dentist in this way. You only see them twice a year. If you see one more often, its usually cos of toothache. Dentist relievs your pain, so thats a good thing :)

Im scared stupid of spiders, i hate them. As im a man, i have to get rid of them. I see spiders

much often than twice a year :(

I also hate clowns. From being a kid, i hate seeing clowns.

I also hate dolls, esp those old porcelain ones with the dead eyes.

My biggest nightmare would be seeing a clown, riding a giant spider, carrying

a porcelain doll under each arm!!


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