Things I Learned From Watching TV

Howie's post in the 'TV programme getting it wrong' thread inspired this. I thought I would invite everyone to share the highly useful and relevant information they have learned from watching TV ;) (I cheated a bit, some of these may be from films)

*If you don't know whether there's blood on your carpet, you can find out by using your special 'Is it blood?' monitor - as used by forensic professionals (CSI. Did they get the idea from watching Clearblue pregnancy test ads?)

*All aliens, except for Klingons, speak English (Star Trek, Babylon 5 and many others)

*If you are a secret agent, it doesn't matter what you fall into/out of and how many times people shoot at you, your white shirt will never get dirty (James Bond)

*If you're a woman and you get injured, you will still look attractive - any facial injuries will be carefully placed so as not to spoil the overall look (multiple)

*It's not possible to drive a car round a bend above 5mph without fishtailing (any American show)

*Being knocked unconscious doesn't stop you from taking part in a high-speed chase on foot 5 minutes later (multiple)

*If you have to jump out of somewhere high or off a wall, there will always be something soft underneath (multiple)

*See-through white dresses are a great protection against -2 C water (Titanic)

*Whatever's wrong with you, it's never lupus (House, of course)

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  • lupus - house = classic!! :)

    the last ever episode probably will be lupus, look out ;)

    another one, prob i notice more being a nurse myself, really infuriates me, the nurses doing resus in casualty always do so without a hair out of place, no sweat, nothing! in real life - nakard, quite the opposite!! artistic license, hey?!


  • If you have the misfortune to end up in Holby General you will almost certainly develop a tension pneumothorax - I have no medical training but could confidently diagnose and treat one there!!!

  • hehe, even if you came in with an ingrown toenail! I could probably be a great TV doc too (and a fictional one) - fictional symptoms usually indicate a pretty small range of illnesses. They're never minor, and symptoms are always indicative of something big. If someone has a headache, it's a brain tumour. If they sneeze, they've got some nasty infectious disease. Any woman who throws up will be pregnant (unless eating has been prominently featured in which case it is possible she has E.Coli poisoning).

    I was once really pleased with myself though because I guessed a patient on House had rabies before they did (House of course being the exception to the above rule - most of the diseases are ones no-one has ever heard of before).

    Snowygirl, also anyone wearing nice clothes on a medical drama will not generally get them messed up, whatever they do. Even if kneeling on a trolley giving someone CPR, they will not get any creases.

  • Maybe I watch different tv programs but have you noticed that all lesbians are blonde, gorgeous and from Sweden

    In all seriousness though:

    All asthmatics are nervous geeks who wear glasses.

    All American houses are massively big and expensive looking yet all flats / apartment blocks are run down and very small.

    Americans are always the good guys.

    Russians are always the bad guys.

    Women never do as they are told when advised to wait outside.

    Bad guys are terrible shots, especially when trying to shoot the good guys.

    Scary music plays before something nasty happens (sorry),

    Glasses are the worlds best disguise - ie Superman

  • haha

    i think we all got too much time on our hands resting, watching tv ;)

    others i always notice - again prob cos of my job - is drug dose errors, sorry!!

    oh, and another thing, not medical tho lol, in horror movies, the victims run upstairs???

    x x

  • Always! 'Oh no, there is a scary person with a knife or gun in my house and here I am by the front door. I know, I'll corner myself upstairs.'

    Also American films seem to portray to us how self centred and egotistical they are as a nation and yet they don't seem to care, they continue to make them!

    Never be nice to anyone or in any way a good person, you will just die really early or painfully or heartbreakingly!!

    Never hire a nanny she will steal your children, try to kill you and take your husband.

  • i have noticed that they never practice safe sex in tv shows or films yet they never end up pregnant

    In criminal minds the team of the bau always get there first and they always save the last person that gets taken

  • I am sorry but there should be a by-law here! No derogatory comments or taking the mick out of criminal minds. Derek Morgan is a demi-god and we are in love! He can do no wrong, of course he always save them because of his unpenetrable power of awesomeness! lol

  • i love criminal minds morgans nice but i love dr spencer reid.


  • in films there's always a parking space when you need one. Car chases involve loads of high g-force turns/braking/accelaration and nobody ever chucks up!

  • Haha! I do think he is hilarious but seriously being rescued by Derek Morgan, hello! Isn't it a great program, makes you never want to go to America again, in the safe knowledge that those horrendous things only happen over there of course!!

  • yeah that would be nice. Yeah it only happens in america doesnt it

  • Absolutely, next thing learned from TV - America has all the nutters and England is safe and we all speak very well

  • and we have no disasters in the uk

  • Absolutley not! This is Great Britain we are talking about here!!

  • lol i know in the world of tv we have no murders or crime but then we come to midsummer murders why are people still living there when in every case at least 3 people die

  • hmm?! Yes, that is a bit of a blip in our delicate and just land!

    Another thing I have noticed is that it requires must more shouting to save your life in America than in Britain

  • I clearly need to watch Criminal Minds - keep meaning to! I was into NCIS for a while but went off it.

    hehe to discussion below - have you noticed how according to American TV (which to be fair I generally prefer to English TV) everyone in the UK is related to the aristocracy and has a big house? There is no such thing as a dodgy estate in England it seems.

    And some other things:

    *It's entirely acceptable and not at all unprofessional for a nurse or doctor to break off looking after a patient to have an angst-ridden personal conversation/argument with their gf/bf/ex. Since curtains in hospitals are all sound-proofed they don't need to worry that the patient will hear them.

    *Your boss will not mind if you never get any work done at work (I wish!)

    *All spaceships have the same controls and can be easily operated by anyone, even ones made by alien races on the other side of the galaxy

  • love criminal minds :-) hehe morgan v reid who's better ; FIGHT!!!

    all hospital programmes have mcdreamy/mcsteamy docs in them, hmm.. i have yet to find a costa wiv one!! tho that is where i found my man ;)

    everyone in corrie/ eastenders always has time to be in the pub to spend their money, but never seems to be working , earning their money??


  • CSI

    All women forensic scientists in CSI are beautiful and have fantastic figures but they don't have to tie back their lovely long hair when working on crime scenes or evidence in the lab. Always amazes me.

  • And of course they never have short hair! My chemistry teacher would have been horrified by the lack of hair awareness...

    Snowygirl, never been in Costa but I have to agree with you that judging from consultants/registrars I've seen TV is just lying (oh well, at least I know my fast pulse is a real symptom and not the result of some insanely hot consultant in close proximity :( I can't imagine the cardiologist is going to be McDreamy either - shame). What does your man do? Hope things going well there...

    Though perhaps these guys are best on screen in some cases - going to confess now that I started watching Holby City (which is not really my kind of TV at all normally) pretty much entirely because I fancy Hanssen - is this bad? I know he would probably be a pain in real life, but is great to watch.

  • Morgan, Morgan, Morgan!!! But hey, if you all prefer Reid that's fine, cos that makes Morgan all mine lol!

    Have you noticed that in general all female characters below 40ish are all beautiful, athletic, toned, tanned, beautiful nails etc and the only ones that aren't/don't are highlighted as not being so! Does this make sense?!

    You can not be clever and have common sense, apparently the two are totally opposing traits.

  • Nickynoo - oh yes, and the ones who aren't toned, beautiful etc are usually the geeky ones who are clever but have no common sense! And are possibly asthmatic (see yorkieiron's post).

    Also, if you're male and a detective you have to have major relationship problems and be an alcoholic (recovering is allowed). If you're a woman you need to have a terrible past with men and always turn to exercise to conquer your demons (perhaps that's why they're so toned?) Actually, the women usually just have a horrible past - they're not allowed to have a nice happy childhood and have gone into forensics because they think it's interesting, it has to be that their mother was alcoholic or their sister was taken by a serial killer or their stepfather abused them (or all of the above). They never get any peace!

  • Spencers reid is all mine my sister thinks im nuts but i think he is cute.

    i have noticed that all the lead women are skiny in tv

  • * Always drive with the doors unlocked and the windows down.

    * If you're off with your fancy man, remember to put on a light and don't shut the curtains.

  • If you arrive home and notice that the door is open and you suspect that someone has broken in, go in alone, don't bother to switch the lights on an dwander around scaring yourself to death.

  • If some creepy psycho guy calls you, don't hang up immediately and call the police, just keep feeding his sick fantasies by asking him stupid questions.

  • they always talk to the killer at the begining in csi

  • It's ok for female coroners to do autopsies in full makeup including luscious lips and freely flowing long hair. CSI agents can wear white trousers/tops when investigating usually very bloody crime scenes and women agents ALWAYS wear low cut tops.

  • Oh yes, and all women wake up with perfectly applied make-up including lipstick, mascara etc, none of which has either smudged or got on the bedclothes. And their hair is always perfect first thing too, or just slightly mussed, sexily.

    (Wish I could replicate this. Had to get up at 5.30am for a friend's wedding once to fit in hair and make-up and I think even the hairdresser, who must be used to this as wedding hair is often done early, was thinking 'why has the bride invited a zombie to be a major part of her big day?' She was probably glad I wasn't the bride!)

  • After a night swinging from the light fittings in a fit of steamy passion you wake up in the morning and get out of bed (which, by the way, is totally unrumpled) and either

    a) are still wearing your undies

    b) drag the bedclothes off in a sudden fit of shyness to find that your partner is still wearing THEIR undies.

  • in reply to your post phlomela, hanssen?? well he is cute in a weird way, i can see why u would be attracted to him lol..

    my man is a staff nurse also, like me but for adults whereas i nurse the kiddies, and its going well ;)


  • following the trilogy of the earlier scream movies, in scream 4 today in the cinema today, the victim ran upstairs, hmmm.....

    also, answered the phone tothe killer and carried on talking, blah blah blah.

    what happened to new decade, new rules...????


  • Glad things are going well with your man Snowygirl, though you must have to ration shop talk sometimes!

    Yes, Hanssen...can't explain it but he is so my type (on screen - like I said, nightmare as boss I should think!) I love his laconic style and the 3-piece suits, plus there's something about his face... Basically he looks like he might be typecast as a villain, and is vaguely villainous in a sophisticated way, but not really a villain. I also fancy Alan Rickman (though he's a little too old) and Nathaniel Parker (ie the dad from Stardust, also Inspector Lynley which I don't watch though I might if it's going to feature Nathaniel Parker in almost nothing like the ep I once saw 5 mins of.)

    I'm sure that sounds like I need therapy lol but I am a twisted person with a twisted sense of humour. Problem is these guys are always a bit too old, I want a younger real life version.

    Re Scream (do we really need a Scream 4? Was it any good?) - think they have to carry on the tradition!

  • Ok then how about this lot

    Any new character in star trek (the original) who beamed down onto a planet dies

    Anyone saying ill be right back in any slasher film dies

    In slasher films why do people go into the basement/loft, they die

    In all die hard films why does bruce willis wear a vest & not die especially die hard 4 when a jet fires missiles & misses him

    Why do women always trip up when being chased by nutter

    How come Rambo always wins in vietnam

    Why doesnt someone shoot/stab/strangle james bond

    In the rock, why does an elite delta force group let themselves be slaughtered instead of surrendering

    In the flood how come robert carlisle droesnt drown, not even whales can hold their breath that long

    Why is it in every zombie film zombies always want to eat brains, if a zombie just bites someone, that person becomes a zombie. Why dont zombies eat other zombies instead

    Cannabals always live in caves/cabins & eat tourists with no sense of direction

    Heroes get shot, its always just a flesh wound, it never bleeds much or gets infected

    Foreign soldiers cannot shoot anyone 2 feet away, but our soldiers are crack shots & never miss

    Sentries are always deaf/blind cos they always die

    In the film zulu, thousands of them died but no bodies were in sight next time they attacked

    In countless films guns never run out of bullets

    In old war films, bombers always hit the target, in reality it was lucky if 1 out of 100 hit within 5 miles of target

    There has been 4 series of primeval with huge dinosaurs wandering around yet only a handful of people have noticed

    Im doing my own head in now, so im off

    Howie :)

  • All beautiful women appearing on Star Ship Enterprise (original series) will make Captain Kirk's eyes light up, he will then have a brief and doomed love affair with her. He also wears the same torn shirt in every fight scene.

  • Oh yes, it's a rule that Capt Kirk has to sleep with any alien woman he comes across.

    The 'new character getting killed' doesn't just apply to the original series though. In the newer ones it's pretty much established that any junior officer who goes on an away mission will get killed - the 'expendable redshirt' effect, except with the new series they're usually yellowshirts.

    Security officers are apparently made of rubber - loads of them usually turn up and they get knocked out (you'd think they wouldn't, with about 6 of them against 1) but 5 mins later are chasing someone down the corridor. Senior officers/regulars almost never get killed (does make you wonder how anyone ever becomes a senior officer though!) If they do, it will be in a parallel universe and they'll turn out to be not really dead.

  • Captain Kirk

    Oh Philomela, I don't think Captain Kirk actually sleeps with the women he falls in love with, he kisses them and maybe holds hands but I dont think it goes further than that. Also it's not just ANY alien woman he comes across - they have to be beautiful and troubled/sad/doomed.

    Another thing - Captain Kirk ALWAYS said 'we come in peace and mean you no harm' to aliens, and then he usually ends up fighting with someone or something. Biff biff (wearing the same torn shirt). Great stuff.

  • hehe true Angievere, it was the 60s after all so have to be a little more subtle. And Kirk did have some discrimination...sometimes ;)

    Also, the transporter fails pretty much every time. When they were making The Next Generation, they apparently decided they were not going to use that as a plot device all the time, because why would you keep using something which failed that often?

    Another thing Star Trek teaches you is that senior officers do all the day-to-day work and are never mired in vast amounts of admin - if you are chief engineer you will be doing all the basic system diagnostics, and if you're chief medical officer you'll fix up people's cuts and respond to every medical emergency ever - even when you have lots of minions scurrying around in the background. Maybe this is because the junior officers keep getting killed so there's never enough people with experience?

    This leads me onto the next thing I've learned from TV: sleep is for wusses. It's perfectly possible to stop work at midnight and get up at 5am every day and remain perky, focused and intelligent, without causing major catastrophes. Especially if you work for POTUS - the people on the West Wing never get any sleep and possibly don't actually have homes.

  • In fight scenes in movies, the baddies always take it in turns to fight the hero, never all attacking at once?!

    when having a baby, you have to scream to push the baby out (this can't happen in reality, to 'bear down' to push a baby out you must use a closed glottis, therefore no noise can come out)

    Whilst on the subject of babies, they always come out clean or only slightly smeared in blood and are about 6 months old (shame they're really all slimy, covered in blood and gunk and (usually) about 7lbish

    Whenever a baddy is shot dead/killed in some other manner, the goody always stands within grabbing distance rather than really making sure they're dead by pumping them full of bullets/decapitate them.

    Whenever performing CPR, you must bob your head up and down and bend you elbows (and as said before, not break into a sweat)

  • hehe, form an orderly queue please to fight with the hero! No pushing, shoving or shooting out of turn! Another rule is that villains are rarely permanently dead - they always find some way of coming back for the sequel.

    Re CPR etc - perhaps Snowygirl or someone else with the knowledge can confirm this? - I was told recently that even though it makes for great dramatic effect to have a heart monitor flat-lining, apparently the only way you will get this is if someone clumsy pulls a lead out! If the monitor is still attached to a person, even if they've just died, you don't get a flat line and the whining tone. This makes sense to me as I would have thought there would still be some residual electrical activity for a bit so not a totally flat line (is this right?)

  • philomela thats right (too much shop talking :P haha)

    only way for them to get a flat line on tv is by clumsily taking out a lead, that gives you the whining sound also.

    when someone flatlines on a monitor in real life, sadly on their monitor, it is known as asystole. and on the screen you would see an ALMOST flatline, its slightly wavy. but you do get a whiny tone. there is rarely little residual electrical activity, if any.

    other things noted, the good guy always gets their girl....

    scream 4 was orite but way too gorey for me, too jumpy and i like scary films!!

    people who get thrown through glass windows backwards dont get cuts??

  • lol thanks Snowygirl for the info! Hadn't seen you on here for a few days, was worried you'd been captured again - hopefully not!

    Where does the wavy line come from then? I'm curious about this now, just thought it must be that not everything shuts down right away so there are still some stray signals going into the monitor (if that makes sense, it's not very scientifically put ;)) At least TV can still have the dramatic tone and be accurate!

    Another thing on TV - not mine but thought I'd share: you can survive any battle in any war providing you don't make the mistake of showing someone a picture of your sweetheart/kids back home.

  • philomela, i wasnt back in no lol, until last night... had resp arrest :( not intubated luckily... out today.

    the wavy line is the residual activity of the heart- its normally the heart shaking in effect, apparently gently- but you can unfortunately not shock (defib) someone back from asystole, you treat with chest compressions and drugs instead.

    also medical, lol, when someone rips out their iv lines, there is hardly any blood, yet when i caught mine, i bleed like mad?! lol


  • Resp arrest? Not good, like others am amazed they let you out that quickly! Hope you can stay out for a bit.

    Thanks for clearing up confusion about the heart thing - I always want to know all the details and why and stuff (drove teachers up the wall mostly :))

    Think TV in general not great with medical things - I'm not any kind of medic but always amazed how people can get really bashed around and they don't even stop! I've heard that adrenaline can carry people through for a bit but it seems improbable that anyone could take that much punishment and keep going as normal. If I hit my shin on the bed or something (or fall up the stairs and crack it on the top stair, ouch) it might not be serious but it hurts like hell and I will swear copiously and limp for a bit. Am I just a wuss or are TV people made of metal or something?

  • Heroes (like Bruce Willis in Die Hard) can keep fighting for days on end without needing a drink or the loo. They ARE made of metal.

  • Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) can be shot, beaten to a pulp, stabbed, fall down a mountain, run through with a sword (well, almost) and knocked about by thugs, and he will STILL carry on fighting. What a guy!

  • I feel like such a wimp in comparison! Still, these guys obviously are made of metal, and we asthmatics always have Darth Vader as a role model.

    I have noticed that people on TV pretty much never need to go to the loo - if they do you can bet it's only a) so they can take drugs b) so they can lock themselves in and cry or even try to kill themselves c) so they can throw up, because they're pregnant (see Symptoms) or d) so they can discover someone else doing a), b) or c).

    Oh sorry, I almost forgot the Confrontation scene between two women which may take place in the ladies' loo next to the sinks.

  • Philomena, I'e always wanted to be tucked away in a cubicle listening to those two women, but I never seem to be in the right place at the right time.

    Something I've noticed is that people who go away for a few days often come back to find their house or garden completely made over and beautifully finished. I don't know what I'm doing wrong because I quite often go away for a few days but when i come back my house and garden still look the same .....

  • Annista, when I go away for a few days my house and garden look worse! Well, not the garden, that's a lost cause.

    I've never heard those two women either - shame. The classic version of this scene that comes to mind is My Best Friend's Wedding ('You kissed him! At my parents' house! On my wedding day!')

    My brain's gone splat and I can't think of any more TV things, sorry!

  • i think i need to stay away from ladies cubicle pbulic loos in future! lol. i dont wanna be included in either of those data lol ;)


  • is it just me or has there been loads of references about asthma on tv at the mo, casualty etc?

    ive learned that people have too much money cos they spend loads of time in pubs and local news readers are rarely local x

  • Children of 0 mths to 12 years can look after themselves whilst their parents frequent pubs, cafes, restaurants, go to work but are never shown making packed lunches and actually seeing to childcare.

  • Nick Jordan never has time to get a patient to theatre so instead opens patients up in resus!

  • Hospitals have convenient store-rooms on every corridor where you can go to have sex or talk through a personal crisis - especially when you're meant to be working.

  • Ive noticed (the punisher to blame here)

    Peoples family get slaughtered, hero gets shot blown up drowned etc then miraculously saved by a stranger.

    Then he can do everything, litterally

    Welding, fix anything, live on nothing, kill countless henchmen, finally kill arch rival then dissappear until sequel comes out.

  • When you look away to say something or nip through to feed the cats/put on the kettle - that's when goals are scored, incidents happen in F1 and dastardly deeds are done on detective programmes.

  • Even if you're only a few feet away from someone, they won't be able to hear you if you talk about them or say something you don't want them to hear.

    It's also completely normal and possible for a doctor/nurse to have a two-way conversation with someone while listening to their chest and then still be able to make an accurate diagnosis. (Not that I know anything about this but surely you'd need them not to be talking?)

  • they now deliver babies (20 weeks gestation) in a+e on casualty wiv only 1 trained midwife - tess - available ???

    - on last nites casualty

  • ........... and the CPR on Dr Who was so out of date, wrong cycle rates, no pinching of the nose, tilting of the head!

    Perhaps they should ask St John Ambulance about their 'The difference' campaign, after all they do have the Logo, alas old style , on the TARDIS!

  • Often wondered about CPR technique on TV.

  • Wow, i really have learnt something!!

    Thankyou Kate, now i know that symbol on tardis is st johns albeit old symbol

  • Bit of a dead thread but bumped up because I was a bit shocked by inhaler technique on Casualty yesterday (I don't know why I keep watching it, don't really like it that much but in the habit...)

    Anyway, had the pharmacist giving some guy Ventolin which he proceeded to take 2 puffs of in what looked to me like a completely ineffective way more likely to give him hyperventilation issues, then walked out apparently fine.

    Who knew, if you're having asthma difficulties apparently the pharmacy is the place to go, 2 puffs of Ventolin and you'll be fine and walking out (without paying...).

  • Ha - I was wondering if anyone else noticed that on Casualty. Amazes me that they have medical advisers and still make such simple errors. This was clearly the 'hedgehog' approach to curing asthma - curl up, un-curl, repeat twice, and you're cured. Of course.

  • I suspect they don't listen to them! As med professionals thread shows of course the medics don't always get it right on some points (I would completely believe it if Casualty had someone saying 'well, obviously it's not an asthma attack as no wheeze'). But I think they're probably pretty good on a) inhaler technique and b) what to do if you're having an attack.

    Based on historical films though, I bet the shows probably ignore the advisers half the time - I've seen some things set in the ancient world which claim to have expert advisers and get things horribly, horribly wrong, presumably because they thought 'oh well, it's more dramatic if we do it this way even if it would never have happened'. But at least that's not potentially dangerous like some of the stuff you see on these shows would be if someone actually did it...

    Like 'hedgehog method' lol

  • My local hospital's resuscitation officer knows the script writer for Casualty or Holby City and claimed there was a character based on him. I being the sceptic went 'yeah right' and thought no more until watching the next episode and did a double take after hearing his name. Oops.

    Philomena, they don't listen, I've seen a short medical drama being filmed and it was very misrepresentative of reality.

  • ooowww dont get me started again on the CPR on tv it really angers me when they do it wrong!!

    i know its only tv, but i still end up shouting at the tv - 'u r doing it wrong!!' lol.

  • noone must have anyone looking after their kids in the soaps or jobs cos they are always in the pub, spending the money they are somehow earning?

  • You don't need to wait a minute anymore in between puffs of your blue inhaler...

    Oh Casualty, shame on you. And amazing how quickly the woman went from 'severe attack' (anyone think it was a panic attack?) where the consultant was asking for an ITU bed to being fine not very much later.

    But it's okay, they redeemed themselves. They gave me 50 minutes of Lee Mead. Mmmm. :D

  • casultys impression of an asthma attack must be one of the worst attempts Ive seen... I know not every person wheezing but her gasps that was meant to attempt to be a wheeze were rubbish....and so much for having a nebuliser... was reb-breath ok on such a low flow if on at all.... even when she walked in the neb mask even if run out wasnt right! Not to mention the quick recovery... the IV's without a needle!

    Im banned from watching most medical drama's

  • :) I missed the IV without a needle, but you were right - they gave her IV hydrocortisone without canulating her first - fantastic! Next time I'm sick, I'm going to Holby - they appeared to do her blood gasses without problems too.

  • Must go and watch Casualty after the replies here, after a near miss with ITU this week, two admissions to hospital, and 4 attempts at ABGs, the person's experience on Casualty sounds marvellous!

  • Boy o Boy wish that was my experience, amazing recovery, they didn't even add any liquid to the neb chamber to try and make it look right. Wish I had been referred for an ITU bed that quickly, think it was a couple of hours fighting for breath in the ED before the ITU doctor was called up to assess my situation Friday night. Next time Dr Jordan will be the man for me!

  • Boy o Boy wish that was my experience, amazing recovery, they didn't even add any liquid to the neb chamber to try and make it look right. Wish I had been referred for an ITU bed that quickly, think it was a couple of hours fighting for breath in the ED before the ITU doctor was called up to assess my situation Friday night. Next time Dr Jordan will be the man for me!

  • Boy o Boy wish that was my experience, amazing recovery, they didn't even add any liquid to the neb chamber to try and make it look right. Wish I had been referred for an ITU bed that quickly, think it was a couple of hours fighting for breath in the ED before the ITU doctor was called up to assess my situation Friday night. Next time Dr Jordan will be the man for me!

  • Ratty - I am a big fan of Lee Mead but missed watching Casualty. Was he any good??

  • Lee mead was lush!

    Casualty on the other hand was crap and gave us asthmatics a bad look!


  • What Charlie said!

    Lee was lovely, and lots of him during the 50 minutes, though I couldn't help grumbling as I still haven't forgiven him for going off with Denise Van Old'n'wrinkly. I've kept myself available for him too. :D

    Casualty should be ashamed of their portrayal - if we went in with 'asthma' like that, we'd be laughed out of A&E. Though it would be okay as we'd experience spontaneous recovery.

  • My main gripe is when you see them trying to do CPR (or Basic Life Support as its now called) on any fictional TV programme without opening the airway! I accept you can't do real chest compressions on a living actor but a simple head tilt won't injure the actor and make things look a lot more accurate. Giving rescue breaths or bagging while the patient's head is still on a pillow let alone without a head/chin tilt is ridiculous and the medical advisors for these shows aren't doing their jobs properly! On the other hand on Emergency Bikers the other week they praised a member of the public for doing the best CPR/BLS they had ever seen and because of that person the casualty's life was saved - which was very unusual for someone with a heart condition.

  • Cpr is a great 1 to rant jay on sat nite casualty his hands were floatin!

    Mayb they should pretend sat nite casualty didnt happen lol

  • Did anyone see daniel craig in the remake of casino royale the other night?. The baddie was using some sort of inhaler(like a ventolin) and just sprayed it in his mouth,no shaking it first or deep inhale as he did it or any technique. Then just carried on talking,doing what he was doing, there was no sign like breathlessness or signs he needed to take it in the first place. If theyve got to portray asthmatics why cant they do it accurately?


  • Apparently I've been ending my phone calls wrong all these years. Instead of being polite and making it crystal clear the call is ending by saying ""OK lovely to hear from you, bye"" I should have simply stopped talking at a random bit of the conversation and hung up. Seems to work every time on TV ;)

  • Coming to this thread rather late, but I'm just going to stick up for James Bond and Casino Royal!

    The bloke who has an inhaler (Le Chiffré, in fact) isn't asthmatic - he's addicted to amphetamines, and gets these via his inhaler. I admit that this is never mentioned in the film at all, but it is in the book.

  • Wow, my inhaler seems boring by comparison. Though it still speeds things up a bit.

    hehe re the phone - I'm always amazed by the way people on TV have conversations in general - they can do anything while talking, even if what they're doing a) requires undivided attention b) in real life makes so much noise you wouldn't be able to hear c) is something that you need a bit of quiet to do (medical dramas take note - I suspect you can't actually hear a subtle heart murmur that no-one else has noticed if you are having a conversation with the patient).

    Also, drives me nuts the way people always look to the side/behind them on TV while driving!

  • one tree hill i think two weeks ago, i cant remember exactly who was on the phone, but they were using an Iphone which was clearly plastic, as they were chatting for a good 5 minutes, the screen stayed coloured and didnt go blank, and the apps page remained on the screen...great conversation talking to a bunch of apps hahahaha

  • i don't want to be an Ice road trucker

  • ice road trucker would be fab for asthma...constant hot drinks, room temperature would be constantly the same, wrapped up warm, and paid aboslute loads of money to pay for meds :D


  • OK< I'm lost now - where does the ice road trucker thing come from? Am I missing something?

  • No idea, but i want to no how a massive arctic lorry carryin lots of weight doesnt crack the ice, yet last winter i st od on a pond a feel straight through! :(

  • That almost any medical problem could be a symptom of vasculitis. Dr House.

    So why does it take so long for them to ever diagnose it?...

  • Probably because they're too busy thinking it might be lupus...

  • Doc martin...has any noticed how many ill/injured people there seems to be for such a small town! Slightly never visitin that part of the south! X

  • Never to live in any where near Jessica Fletcher as too many murders happen when she's close by. Likewise not to be Hercules Poiroit. Too many people end up dead where ever he goes. Not to live in any of the villages near Causton, again too many murders in the small Midsomer villages compared to the rest of the country. Not to get romantically involved with James Bond as it always ends up with you dead or in a diplomatic incident.

    Think I've been watching too much ITV4!

  • I am personally convinced Poirot is a serial killer. Everywhere he goes, people end up dead...too much coincidence. Bt he's very clever so no one suspects him.

    A friend of mine thinks Miss Marple is a blackmailer, as she lives in a small village, knows everyone's secrets and appears to have a very comfortable life with no obvious means of support.

  • Lol far to much itv4! My channel addictions at the mo are bbci from 9 am right up until end of to build or not to build, then i change to the radio for the lunch time tunes then its on ready for come dine with me so i can nosey at their houses...then i guess a bit of news to find out all of the worlds dramas!!!

  • Hello all,

    Who remembers Hart to Hart?

    Every week one of their friends got murdered.

    Not the type of people you want as friends.

    Midsommer, the only place where someone gets killed every week!!

    Guess that keeps house prices down :)

  • According to Emergency Bikers tonight, a nebuliser vapourises oxygen. Hmm. Other than that they covered asthma pretty well, so I'll let them off though. :)

  • If two people start a conversation then get in a car, they have to sit the whole journey in total silence just so they can resume the conversation from the point they left it at when they got in the car.

    Also people in Murder she Wrote seem to die really fast...

  • I caught a children's programme with Tilly, Tom & Tiny in it it, didn't catch it's name but I think Social Services should be called! 2 young boys. a young French girl in an isolated cottage with a magic sack & a donkey. How do they pay the rent? The mind boggles, & I bet he's not called Tiny for nothing!! & what's in the sac magic?

    Sorry to lower the tone but I need answers0

    PS think it's called Tots TV

  • Ha Ha Rabbit, not sure whats more funny your post or the fact your a grown woman watching tots tv at 3.43 in the morning!

    Lets hope Tiny really is Tiny not secretly hiding a rather large baguette!

  • You sure your watching an official childrens tv programme as all ones i know of do night night and bed time stories around 1900 and shut down for night worried about what your actualy watching...maybe you should avoid watching tv at that time off the morning lol

  • Some of the kids' programmes are a bit strange. Don't know what the children make of them. Can't remember the name of one but at the end the presenter gets on her tricycle and says 'That shows we're all different but all the same'... I think I know what she means but the children must be puzzled.

  • I always wondered about the Teletubbies - result of a drug-induced hallunication?

  • And what about 'Rastamouse & da eazy crue' (said in best Jamaican accent) ???

  • Ok tv is getting worse when it comes to asthmatics...i no for sure that if my attack was that bad with resps that high and sats getting lower and lower i would have had multiple ABG's, back to back nebs, iv hydro, sally, mag and amino and i would have had itu review me by now...what is going o casualty thats twice in a row now!! Good attempt with the wheezing though!!! Good job its just acting though hey...there must be an increase in hospital addmissions this year for there to be two asthmatics this close together on one tv programme!!!

  • Is catching up on russle howards good news...and chuckling at the way he cracks a joke at asthmatics....u should watch if you havnt...i chuckled lol

  • I'm curious...did anyone on here with medical knowledge watch Casualty from last weekend? I always imagined if you were going to have an anaphylactic reaction there wouldn't be such a gap between the trigger and the reaction. Or can it be delayed? I don't quite trust these programmes lol and now I want to know!

  • Philomela, i watch it also and i got slightly confused! But i think there can be a slight delay at times...going on my own experiences of.reactions though, hey happen pretty imediatly!!


  • Hmm what I thought! Hard to judge time on TV but it looked like quite a long gap...

  • Wow, still running, im impressed :)

    About 15 people live in emmerdale, hardly anyone drives a car, but the garage is always busy!!

    How does that work??

    Everyone must be an alcoholic cos all they do is drink in the woolpack.

    Oh and there is a magic toffee machine at scharma sweet factory.

    No one puts anything in to make the sweets, its just a conveyor belt lol

  • Thought I'd resurrect this seeing as TV has been at it again with its wisdom.

    Clearly we should add 'all you need to do to stop an asthma attack is breathe out' to the list. And if that doesn't work, call a TV doctor as they have magic powers normal doctors don't have.

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