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Baton the Hatches!

Good luck to anyone living in the areas at risk of flooding. The river here is lapping gently against the underside of the bridge....oh dear there is usually a fairly hefty gap.

Some people are still living in caravans on their drives and front gardens after the last floods here in June! This time though the floods are expected to be confined to areas adjacent to the river rather than the whole of the city.

Hope everyone will be okay, am off to find my wellies! A dry for the moment Lois

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Hi lois,

It hopefully won't be the rivers again but the combination of a very high tide and the strong winds behind it blowing it on shore so coastal areas mainly! Sorry coastal peeps!

Essex Seems to be safe ( According to the EA !! ??) as it is tucked round the corner slightly out of the wind!

Take care all

Love & Sandbags



good luck my fingers are crossed.


Good luck to anyone living in areas that might flood. I really hope you stay dry!


Hope nobody got a flooding-all we had here in Cumbria was very cold Northerly winds and sunshine-commiserations if you had any problems!


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