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Buying a Television

I have returned from hospital to a television that no longer works! This is not good at all!


Can someone please tell me what i need to think about for buying a TV.

What size screen would i want for a small lounge?

What other things do i need to consider?

I going to need help knowing what to do, as getting to a shop is going to be hard enough without being bombarded with questions.

Any help would be really useful!

A distrot plumie!

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Would say a 28 inch would be a good size to get with free view built in or separate box xxxx


Hello Plumie,

Sorry to hear TV is RIP. Can you borrow one in the mean time?

My beloved 14"" expired in November, I had a spare someone gave me, another 14"" but had no Ceefax etc.

All TVs these days are flat screen.

Most I think will have a built in Freeview digibox, but they still receive analogue as well.

I have a 22"" for a medium lounge, I don't like big TVs to dominate the room.

Mine also has a built in DVD player which eliminates yet more cables (No cables for digibox or DVD etc)

It is also HD ready. (though I think I may need another attachment to make that bit work???)

Were you getting digital TV already?

What sort of aerial do you have? Is it Analogue or a new digital one?

I currently have an analogue aerial with gets all the terestrial stations (BBC1, 2 ITV1 C4 & C5 - bit fuzzy) and a selection of freeview channels though It has dropped off a bit recently but I am not going to retune as I may loose more! (Housing peeps upgrading my aerial in October so not bothering doing anything about it.....)

If You are still on analogue check the digital reception in your area.

You may get some freeview channels as well as your analogue with a box.

I got mine just before the vat rise from Sainsburies - as Swisstec make (whoever they are!) But it works and does the job for £170 or so.

So I would suggest get one with built in freeview box and HD ready, and if available a DVD player.

The only downside of everything built in is if one bit goes wrong.......... bit like laptops or washer dryers.

Hope this helps a Plumie in distress!




I have a 32 inch one but a friend just brought a 37 inch one and I like the 37 inch size better :-)

In terms of price it all depends on how long is a piece of string. If you can give us an idea of price perhaps we can suggest something as there are so many options out there now.

My above friend just picked up the above 37 inch Sony for £200 off as it was a store demo in Currys.

But he also bought a Samsung for his Mum when he saw a £100 off offer via this below site which, daily, has numerous TV offers. Basically, you search the site daily for latest deals and it simply tells you where the best deals are on such and such products. You do not need to sign up to the site.

But you have to move fast as the deals usually expire within days if not hours. The most important thing is to have your budget and stick to it.


Well I don't know anything about new TVs, my faithful trusty big box style have to get up to change channel TV is the first one I had and still going strong - I'm thinking of selling it to a museum as an antique!

Could you buy on line and have it delivered and installed to save you having to walk to/round shops?

In the meantime, provided you have a TV licence you can watch all BBC channels live online ( and other channels through catchup on your computer so you won't miss out.


We have 2 LG's which can also be used as a computer monitor.Our TV died the day we got back from our holiday abroad and 7 weeks before Christmas, just what you need! Our TV is huge 37"" but living with 3 males, what did I expect!!

Hope your feeling loads better

Kate x


i don't buy into this big screen TV is better, 28inch is big enough and plasma well stay clear the picture is appalling and the life of them is short, and that was from two small local firms selling them. Modern LCD screens are good but it comes down to how much you want to spend, how far you sit and do you need a huge screen.

Like Kate Moss said having things like Freeview built in is good, but DVD etc is ok until it goes wrong. Personally i like it all separate and do, Freeview PVR, DVD player and then a separate DVD Recorder as well (it's hacked to remove the copy protection)

Easy like others have said, look online. Argos, Currys,,


Woody makes a good point. I think 32 inch is big enough, 37 would be a a bit nicer than my 32 inch to be honest but frankly anything bigger than that is just getting ludicrous.

The other thing to bear in mind is that they are marketing TVs now very much like computers - as soon as you buy the TV it will be out of date. They want us to keep on replacing them and many flat panels only are supposed to last 5 years before they supposedly fade and then die - it is often in the instructions somewhere as to how many thousands of hours they will work.

So, important to set a budget, keep to it and spend no more. Hence why I like that link I posted earlier to the HotUKDeals.

John Lewis also have sales online from time to time and, if yo uare lucky, they throw in a 5 year guarantee.


Well guys thank you so much for your help! I am going to look in to all your suggestions tomorrow!

I found the problem with mine, it has somehow managed to set a parental lock while i been away but i cannot figure out the combination code?! It not 000, 999, 111, 123, 543, 987 you get the point!

So i will have to get a new one! Grr! It is an old old old analogue one that does not have an instrution manuel as it was 4th hand. That will teach me not to accept a tv for free i guess! Although i thinking of borrowing one of my parents spare ones till i can afford a tv, i cannot really spend any more than £50 at the moment as i need a washing machine too and i think that i tad more important!

THank you though will be looking in to all your suggestions!



If you just want one to tide you over, try signing up to freecycle. People who have stuff they no longer want put it on the local site and you can request the item for free. You in return can put your things on. Probably haven't explained very well so take a look at the website.


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