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I am Mr Ed

To celebrate the annual horse carnage that is Aintree here are 3 items picked from the steaming straw laden dung-

Did you hear about the 2 horses who kicked their son out of the stables?

-they were fed up of him making a foal of himself !!

Where do horses go when they are ill??

-to the Horespital of course !!

Why cant horses dance?

-because they have 2 left feet !!

Oh God forgive me.

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he he he!



you rock bluejam lol!! You always manage to make me smile even when im feeling down or rubbish! Thank you for the jokes and keep them coming :-) :-) xx


neigh, neigh, neigh

I think you must have run out of coats now, oh well it will have to be the horse rug then.

""What did the the doctor to say to the pony with the sore throat?""

""Don't worry your just a little horse!""

Okay I will get my horse rug too and leave the stable!


How do you spell 'Horse' with only two letters??


............ goes off to find 'Horse Blanket'................


flapjack hahaha :-) and oh dear!! :-) xx


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