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i hate doctors -its official

was meant to have an operation today which ive needed for such a long time and really thought today was the day-told a bed was there, was booked for afternoon surgery, not moved for about 4 days so that my chest was the best it could be, you know what i mean, wheezy but not horrific after another course of steroids -then the consultant cancelled it -i keep going from being really upset and crying to being so annoyed at being lied to (complicated and too long to go into on here but have been told 3 different reasons why it was cancelled). why cant things just be straight forward- so looks like the wheelchair and crutches stay and not just for my chest :(

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Oh no! Makes it worse also that you now can't trust what they say. Have they given any indication about whether you'll be able to have it soon?


they have said it could be another 3 weeks but ive asked to be referred to another doctor as ive lost all faith in him -its not the first time ive been uneasy with him, so god knows know how long now, but its being looked into...trying to keep busy but was all het up for it and now i just want to chop it off as its killing.


aww sorry op put off again. Got shut of my sticks now after years thank god.Hope you get new apt soon xxx


God bless the NHS! What I really hate is the fact that having a bit of cash behind you means that you're not at the mercy of doctors holidays/dental appointments/just fancied a day off cos I'm having a hissy fit moments because you can pay a fortune for your treatment and that means that you are more important than the rest of us who can't.

Rant over. I really hope that you get your surgery very soon. Look after yourself.



Sorry to hear about your cancelled op. Happened to a family member recently - got all ready for a big op and psyched up for it - only to be told the consultant was off sick! Booked in for another date, and then that was cancelled too...She was absolutely gutted.

I know of other people it's happened to including my son. But best story I heard was a friend went to a private hospital to have a shoulder operation. As he was going under the anaesthetic he heard a lot of commotion and when he came round the staff told him he hadnt had the op because they were missing a piece of equipment. Can you imagine that?? He had to go home and rebook the op. But even better was the hospital then sent him a bill for administering the anaesthetic!! You really couldnt make it up. (He refused to pay the bill by the way!).

Anyway, hope you get another date soon and it all goes smoothly.

Edit. Just read your post Annista and what happened to my friend shows that even when you PAY for an op things can go wrong....


something similar happened to one of the drivers DH works with a couple of weeks ago. The hospital cancelled his op, *without* his knowledge. He turned up as planned. Got told it was cancelled and no more explanation. The kicker was that another of the drivers turned up for the same op with the same dr in his time slot!

Geina x


What are the chances of that happening Geina?? or perhaps it does, who knows!!


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