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Post Valentine weekend messages here. Romantic,funny,skinny and please be careful keep them clean

Got hubby a card.son took girlfriend to stratford for shakespear weekend and posh meal.

Other son got girlfriend a furry heart pillow and card.

I usualy put funny pants in hubbys card haha not telling what!

lots of love and hugs to you all ,love you all to bits.

lol glynis xxxx

will be sps sorry!

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My love for you...

Is like a cabbage.

Especially when cut in two,

The outer leaves I give to the rabbits,

But the heart I give to you...


first poem I made up at 12 with first crush on a boy.

I Think you are the best boy I have ever met,

sending you this card so you will never forget.

please dont rip it up because I Love you so,

would love to go out with you,

please dont say no xxx

soppy MOO!


had a card.Hubby jet cleaning yard and as to ill go out we having a chinease later and sons girlfriend down later also.

Going light the table candles for them and have ours on our knees in other room.they are 14 so nice for them lol x


To my wonderful hubby,

Thanks for supporting me through the rough times, the hospital admissions and for putting up with my moods when I get frustrated about being unwell.

Love you so much



To my DH

Your love is like a warm comforting blanket on a cold winter's night.


Meal was nice but to full now.going sneak a glass of wine later.

carnt on my meds but hey today 80) xxx


what about the other 364 days of the year? surely they are more important than something forced upon you.


love is all you need and need love to be close and unconditional so a special day is nice to tell people how mutch you love them even though all year round you do.xxx


Sometimes I fill both sides of a blank greetings card with all my thoughts, thanks for this and that, memories of good times together then give it to DH.

e.g. going to SF way back and what we did there, family times, times he's looked after me or I've looked after him, good holidays and so on.

Nice to pick up occasionally and smile over.


no matter how much we argue, everything is forgotten about on the 14th and its day to remember. tho war of the words is usually resumed on the 15th.... still love the wife


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