Things to do instead of watching the Liverpool ""franchise"" on,t box!

1-listen to something-for me its Thom Yorkes Eraser & Arcade Fires Neon Bible

2-watch Bladerunner again-about the best attempt at a Phillip k Dick adaption,altho A Scanner Darkly is a good attempt.

3-Watch the sunset over the Solway (bit hard if you are in Kent I realise),in one fell swoop you can see Scotland and the Isle of Man on the horizon and Mercury,Venus and the Moon above it.

4-laugh again at the picture of Steven Gerrard as a kid with the full Everton kit on posing with the European Cup Winners Cup -a true ""red""

-bitter, moi?

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  • LOL

    I agree about Blade Runner. I will, unfortunately, be supporting Liverpool this evening - only because the opposition is foreign, you understand. (Xenophobic, moi?!)

  • No Steve ,when it comes to Liverpool there is no ""grey ""area !!

    -watch Bladerunner.....""wake up,time to die"" a more pleasing asthetic way to fill your time.

  • Amoungst the massed ranks of Greens (PAFC supporters) there is one Red (Liverpool) so we have the match on. Liverpool have just conceeded. I had better go and make the half time cuppa, for crying into.


  • Today would appear to be a good day for the blue half of Merseyside!

  • The result brought us no joy


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