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Things to do instead of watching the Liverpool ""franchise"" on,t box!

1-listen to something-for me its Thom Yorkes Eraser & Arcade Fires Neon Bible

2-watch Bladerunner again-about the best attempt at a Phillip k Dick adaption,altho A Scanner Darkly is a good attempt.

3-Watch the sunset over the Solway (bit hard if you are in Kent I realise),in one fell swoop you can see Scotland and the Isle of Man on the horizon and Mercury,Venus and the Moon above it.

4-laugh again at the picture of Steven Gerrard as a kid with the full Everton kit on posing with the European Cup Winners Cup -a true ""red""

-bitter, moi?

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I agree about Blade Runner. I will, unfortunately, be supporting Liverpool this evening - only because the opposition is foreign, you understand. (Xenophobic, moi?!)


No Steve ,when it comes to Liverpool there is no ""grey ""area !!

-watch Bladerunner.....""wake up,time to die"" a more pleasing asthetic way to fill your time.


Amoungst the massed ranks of Greens (PAFC supporters) there is one Red (Liverpool) so we have the match on. Liverpool have just conceeded. I had better go and make the half time cuppa, for crying into.



Today would appear to be a good day for the blue half of Merseyside!


The result brought us no joy



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