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Anyone else have the 'corset' feeling instead of/as well as Nellie? The Nellie song reminded me...

I sometimes feel like I'm a character in any of those films set before a certain time which feels the need for a 'ridiculously tight corset-pulling' scene - off the top of my head, the famous scene in Gone with the Wind (haven't seen it but know about it), Titanic with the stupid mother, ridiculous scene in POTC where Keira Knightley faints off a cliff and would defo have drowned IMO - she falls into the water unconscious with no control over breathing? Unless falling in brought her round of course...any others people can think of?

Of course, I don't actually get a smaller waist! Makes me really think smaller waist NOT worth it though - trying to imagine anyone doing this on purpose...nope, not worth it.

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I don't know about a ""corset"" feeling but I certainly always have a tight sensation around my chest. I would descibe it as someone putting their arms around you from behind and squeezing fairly hard. I guess it just something we have to put up with and get used to living with. One other thing I have found is that evey now and then I get achy ribs and painful spots arond my chest. This usually only lasts a short while but can be quite uncomfortable at times.



Hi Philomena

I know where you're coming from, I get this and have it at the moment, between the shoulders too. Breathing deeply makes me cough and hurts. Stupid lungs!.


Philomena, I always remember my mother putting on her corset in the mornings. She used to call it her 'Roll On' and the struggling and huffing and puffing that went on was something alarming! Not only that, but once it was on she would never be comfortable all day, and had to sit bolt upright because it was too rigid to allow her to relax. Thank heavens times have changed!


I didn't realise people were still wearing corsets regularly so recently! I don't think my grandmothers (both born around 1910) did though my mother's mother had one of those figures like a boy's with no curves so probably wouldn't have bothered trying to hold anything in.

I think Kate Middleton (as was) was having a few issues with her admittedly lovely dress during the royal wedding - quite heavily corseted apparently!


i wear a corset every day - unfortunately its made up of about 4stone of excess fat and doesnt come off at night lol. i actually have to undo my bra when ive got a bad chest as i feel really restricted so know how you feel x


I used to wear a corset a few years back, I found it very comfortable until I over tightened it and broke a rib. That was painful! I do think they're pretty and so feminine as well.

I do prefer underbust ones to overbust it has to be said, as the overbust ones can wreak havoc with asthma when its in a stroppy mood!


The modern ones are pretty - if lungs not stroppy I would wear one for a special occasion or something as I do like the look. Just can't imagine putting one on EVERY day and pulling it ridiculously tight - right now I feel the invisible one is bad enough.


OK so I will put my hand up straight away and say I wear corsets but only because I have found that I get better bust support with a corset than I do with a normal everyday bra. I have F/FF cup and when they got weighed the other day which was very funny I got told if I had them removed I would be 11 stone instead of 13 and a half stone.

But when I don't wear my corset I get the corset tightness felling in my chest which isn't there when I am wearing my corset which feels very strange and weird. Oh and with the corset I don't get shoulder, neck and back pains. And I have been REFUSED a reduction even on MEDICAL GROUNDS. How sick is that?


Wow, Asthma Family, sorry to hear that - never imagined a corset could actually help with all of that (esp the breathing - lungs are weird!) though guess I was thinking of the Victorian type rather than modern ones. I sympathise re being well-endowed though - luckily mine don't have that effect but can still be a pain if I wear the wrong bra esp round the shoulders.


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