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I just clicked confirm on the last Christmas present I need to buy this year! Now I just need to take my Christmas cards to the RBH next week, not forget the pre-printed labels and that is the festive season all wrapped up for me.


ps Grow your own mushrooms (the more exotic kinds) are the inspirational present for the people who have everything this year :)

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  • I knew as soon as I saw the title of this it would be you! I don't know how you manage it! I haven't even thought about christmas yet this year!!!

  • omg how do people do this. i always try to be organised for xmas but it never happens. got no money at all this year so people will have to be very very understanding. not long now :\

  • I usually am pretty organised, but not this year!

    FAR too many hospital appointments to be able to do it. Oh well, will start the ordering this week and get it all ordered by the end of the week too!

    I'm going home to ma and pa for christmas but as I live 400 miles away from them I will post them by courier beforehand (can't believe how cheap it is!) so I don't have to worry about getting them down.

  • I am normally all sorted by now. But not this year. I have the christmas cards and a few gifts ready to be made but that is ! I am so behind this year! I really must get started! I must! I seem to have so many things i need to do and no energy to do it. I also have loads of new people to buy for as well! Argh!

  • Every year in about September I say to my fiancé we must sort out our Christmas shopping, but we never get it done. Every year we're still there the week before Christmas trying to decide what to get people. The hardest part is coming up with presents for his family, he's useless at gift ideas (though he did pick out a great gift for my birthday which was on tuesday, so maybe he's just lazy lol) anyway I tend to spend most of December getting rather stressed about what to get for people. I also hate going shopping in December, I'm *very* claustrophobic, and also find that the slow shuffling gaite that everyone seems to adopt in crowded places really aggrevates my lower back pain, so I hate when the shopping centres are busy. This year I'm gonna try and do a lot of our shopping online and aim to get it done by the end of November but we'll have to see if it actually works out that way.

  • i am starting to think about the christmas shopping already, and already thought about what to get the boyfriend, getting all my stuff early while i have the extra money as moving into flat soon as all money will be used on bills

  • RIGHT! I have decided to get my bum into gear. But being sick means money is very tight this year. I am going to make a lot of presents well hampers really and hopefully it should keep the pennies down.

    Was going to do a DVD hamper for my brother, a grow your own tea hamper for my sisters and a foodie hamper for my mum and dad. Then I will get a courier to pick them up so I don't have to transport them to my mum n dad for christmas.

    Just need to think about christmas cards and wrap..... must get them online as can't deal with the shops at the mo!

  • Hampers a great ides, I did them last year I themed them around a meal, so my Mum who taught french a continental breakfast with decent coffee beans etc. Grandad and Aunty Mary had a cream tea one.


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