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Now a Married Man!!!

Well, it's all over now!

I got married on the 16th June 2007 to my beautiful wife Charlotte, the best thing since sliced bread! ( if you want to see pics, point your browser in this direction - )

Honeymoon was fantastic, we went to New York, spent loads of money and had a really really good time!

One interesting thing tho, on the second day we were there (arrived at our hotel around 2:30pm New York time on the Monday) in the morning, I coughed up blood all day?!? was fine for the rest of it, it wasn't just specs either it was proper full on. Will be going to see my asthma nurse about it. Not coughed up anything since.

I had spoken to my parents about it which was when my dad had said that he had done this when he went to Mexico before now (he's not an asthma sufferer) and just put it down to all the travelling etc.

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Congratulations - looks like you had a good day.

I've just clocked up my 30 years - I hope youl'l both be as happy as we have been.


Many congratulations. You both looked beautiful!



Hi Cathy and Bex,

Thanks for the kind comments. It was a fantastic day although it did go very very quickly.


Beutiful pictures. Many congratulations to you both.



Aw congratulations, glad the weather held out for you both.

It makes me reminiss to our wedding day, it's only been 2 years but it feels like yesterday..


Congratulations to you and Charlotte!

New York is fab, I recently got married in Central Park on the 17th April! We can't wait to go back, so I can relate to how you feel, ours was the best day as well and also extremely quick but we'll have the memories forever!

All the happiness to you both!

P.S Do get yourself checked over just to make sure everything is ok!


I don't think you should play down any degree of haemoptysis. Lungs do not bleed for no reason. Why would your airways suddenly become so inflamed to bleed like this? Weren't you alarmed Meady? The first time it happened to me (a particularly nasty chest infection was the culprit) it really frightened me. Please tell your GP. It needs looking into.

Great pics by the way! Make each other happy!



ps by the photographer's address, you may live very near me, so do as you're told as I now know what you look like hehehe


Hi Polly,

I don't know really, I just put it down to the travelling as I felt fine apart from the jet lag and felt no different than normal.

Fairly close, I live in the Hastings area.


Congratulations on getting hitched!



Congratulations to the newlyweds. Do check out those lungs though. Longhaul flights and coughing up blood kinda ring alarm bells with me. You may need your blood clotting levels doing.


Thanks Angela for your kind comments. I will get it checked out about the bleeding though.


Congratulations. Good move.


I agree lovely photos


Thanks guys!!!!!



Cathbear and I have just returned from Portugal, where we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Big congrats, Meady! Excellent piccies too.


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