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asthmatic on tv

this maybe really sad of me to notice lol

did anyone watch casulaty saturday - just seen it on iplayer. the teacher on there was an asthmatic. few comments to make :S

1. she kept her inhaler locked in a cupboard in classroom not on her person

2. when in resus doc order 2.5mg atrovent ? wot dose is that??

3. wrong inhaler technique

i think i seriously need to get out more, i know they have artistic licence on costa programmes and wow it was good to see stunning lee mead on there too ;)

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I watched it afta the comments on fb - as Katina said we all want dr jordan next time, he can cure asthma, get an itu bed at the drop of a hat and its all easy peasy lol


I noticed so much of the little wrong things. I was watching it with Tom who has only ever seen me in hospital once and he asked whether that was how things went. I had to laugh and point out all the things that were wrong.

Where was the nebuliser acorn? Where was the steam (they could have pushed some water through or something for realism). She was more panicking than struggling to breathe? I noticed the 2.5mg atrovent and nearly fell over laughing! And when do you go in to resus on something that seemed that minor? Talk about over dramatising something.

Her inhaler technique was appalling! I ended up nebbing afterwards because I was just laughing so hard


I noticed it as well I laughed at thE fact they told him to hold her hand reasure her ect and within minutes she was practically no longer suffering utterly crazy although it wasnt at all realistic in our experiences I do think it gave us no choice but to laugh and as for nick jordan he needs to pay some of auk forum members a visit !! X


I'm a sad case too

If anything she was having a panic attack! no asthma in sight and definitely all symptoms flew out of the window the second she started to calm down... oh dear!


they really ought to research things properly else holby a&e is the place for me next time as they seem to have the miracle hand holding cure !

Hmmm wonder if my cons has heard of that breakthrough treatment lol

Snowy xx


I went and watched it after the comments on here! Didn't notice the specifics about the neb and atrovent as have never been in myself but definitely thought it was a miracle cure and the 'breathlessness' was a bit rubbish - agree with Ellie it was more like panic attack (whereas get the impression from some posts on this forum that the opposite is usually true, you go in with asthma and they tell you to calm down and stop hyperventilating).

Casualty is repeat offender on this - there was one a month or two ago with the old man in the pharmacy who tottered in breathless and gasping took two completely useless gasps on his inhaler with no technique, then walked out fine.


Just watched it on iplayer - pretty rubbish representation of asthma and teaching I would say!Only got myself to go on but the noises she was making weren't realistic, two puffs of the inhaler at the same time and the nebuliser were all pretty awful!

Just wanted to add that I also couldn't believe the lack of symptoms immediately after either attack.


I thought all the same things bbc really need to do some research almost tempted to email them.


It'd be interesting to see Heather (Eastenders) land in Casualty. Could be used as a training DVD for new (and maybe some old) medics.... Spot 15 things wrong in this DVD and it might - at least - make us laugh!

Of course, it would have to start with Heather going to the local OOH, to be told that her chest was clear (somehow she manages to get some ventolin into her lungs just before she goes in!)


if lee mead talking to us could cure an asthma attack then the world would be a better place... lol plus the neb was not actually running.. would of thought they could at least put water in it or something!! hahah


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