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Getting fit

Not possessing the shape for leotard or even tshirt and shorts, contemplating buying a wii. Have friend who got herself down several stone in weight and looks stunning. Thing is, tried the warm up on her wii and family almost ended themselves laughing. With creaky knees, no way can I lie on floor without something like the Finnieston crane to get me back up.

Tried the wii sports and got really going on the boxing - thought about a former employer. Lol.

So the question is this - wii or not? Only play games on iPhone. Might be persuaded to something like Singstar like had for first generation PS2.

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Wii, definitelyt wii, you don't have to lie on the floor, there are loads of games that will increase your activity and help you wile away those hours in a fun way. I have just dance which doesn't have to be as hyper as it looks, wii fit, loads on their remaining upright and just waiting for zumba to come down in price a bit, if your activty level really is low then Mario olympics would get you doing something but with all those grandkids I doubt it is that low!!


defo go for the wii Grannymo

you can also do sports like badminton :) i found that quite fun hehe



i would get a wii i love the wii fit plus just as you can be like a little kid doing a bird impression and throw snowballs at people with out getting cold


Go on...go for it. I love wii fit and wii fit plus. Can't do the flappy bird one I keep landing in the sea, but am an expert on a segway least in my living room. It can be as hard or easy as you want it o be. Also wii fun. Have got just dance but that nearly killed me...I did end up in A&E after 1/2 an hour of that good job I knew the doctor...he found it very funny that I was doing that and ended up with the severe wheezes. ;( just won't do it gain


Grannymo, I'd love to use a Wii but I live in a matchbox and there's no room to romp about getting fit. I swim every weekday morning and go to the gym 3 evenings a week. Love the swimming but hate the gym BUT, I can now walk a mile in 20 minutes and cycle 5 miles in 30, which amazes me because it's only a few weeks ago that I couldn't manage more than a few minutes on either the treadmill or the bike. Because I can see an improvement I'll keep on with it.

But I'd much rather use the Wii and have fun getting fit.

Go for it!


Wii, sorry couldn't be bothered, don't own one, don't want one. Exercise depending on ability, I personally think you cannot beat walking. In the past I have increased both fitness and lost weight by taking a walk that made me slightly breathless.


Our main roads make a triangle and sometimes we do that as a walk. Trouble is, there are several cafes to pass. Very hard to keep going and not drop in especially as we know all the cafe owners.


Wii fit definitely - don't have one but sounds fun. Plus you still have the guilt motivation of not using it once bought but it's cheaper than not-going-to-gym guilt.

My normal very cheap mode of exercise is to walk everywhere very fast and it's generally pretty effective, though currently there are old ladies with walking sticks who can go faster than me grrr. (Fortunately I don't have much appetite either or I would be steadily expanding).


oh grannymo i would definately go for it if your asthma doesnt come on with exercise. i had an attack just watching my daughter play on her xbox360 as i was laughing so much x


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