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when we were young? add yours

when I was a baby my mum had my twin sister and me and 11 month old sis and 2 yr old brother ,yes 4 under 3 so she dressed us in our clothes inside out and put them the right way when took us out save the washing as had 3 lines of terry nappies also a day.

My nan gave us rhubarb and sugar in a bit of paper.

We played on home made wooden stilts and all 4 had a space hopper and roller skates.

Had a wendy house and loved to play board games with the family and at christmas we all

sat around at my nans playing prize bingo for sweets .

love Glynis. xxx

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When I was a boy winters where cold and no central heating. Me and my two brothers shared a double bed so we could double up on blankets..... Pity brother used to pee the bed . It always got cold at 2am


The half penny still existed, corona pop bottles had 10p refunded if you returned the bottle, which was great if you found one, because you spent it all on sweeties. Polo Mints cost 3p. Sweet jars at the corner shop were made from glass, and you purchased a quarter of sweets not 100 grams!. And children played on slides that were so high that today would make the health and safety brigade have a nervous breakdown. Phone boxes excepted cash (two pence's). If you missed a TV programme tough! You had a bath on a Sunday night before school, and the rest of the week a top and tail!


I remember sweets that looked liked cigerettes, we used to puff away chewing bits off until they disappeared. Space dust that crackled on your tongue, chocolates that were called counters, spangles that would break your teeth. long hot summers and water shortages with the stand pipe in the road and a bath full of water which we used to fill the toilets up with.Playing for hours in the woods and only coming home when we got hungry.Teaching my cousins a really rude song, all four of them got smacked but me as my Aunty didn't believe I would say such things...ha ha.Winning jelly babies in the sports days for winning.Wearing rara skirts, leg warmers,cat suits and trendy belts.Going to Roller Discos.When I was 14 my friend and I drinking a whole bottle of pernod her brother had won playing golf and having licorice flavour sick and a thick head, still cant drink the stuff now.My Mum wrote cookery books and my class used to come back to my house for food tasting. Food seems to be the theme, mm not much changes!!


When my friend sue and I were about 9 we use to tell eachother scary ghost stories and sit in her bedroom with a lit candlle between us.

One day her mum came up stairs and we put the candle under her bed and so nearly set it alight,so never play with matches !

We went to the grave yard at Halloween in a gang with tortches and tell scary stories.

We played hide and seak and jumped over walls in peoples gardens and had street snowball fights.

Out on our bikes all over the place and like we tell our children put your coat on we never did.

When about 12 was a punk rocker and had a dog coller around my neck,zips all down the back of my trousers,long hair with hair dye.long shirts ,safety pins in ears and more.

When was about 14 was a heavy rocker and could ride my friends motor bike and jump over jumps ,my mum had a shock when caught me on the scrambler motorbike riding up our street with no helmet.

Looking back now had a brill time and no cares in the world and would not change a thing.

Im now 44 and a realy nice lady and you would never guess what I got up to.

They were my younger days x



When I was young, Lego was my favourite toy. So too, my husbands. Great envy for a friend who got huge Lego set for Xmas although she had absolutely no interest in it. I think her mum and dad used to just get the biggest box available from local toy shop no matter what was inside.

When my older daughter was growing up this was her favourite toy too. Of course our sets were added to hers. So too in my Son-in-law's family. A rich harvest for granddaughter. She can make bigger houses with complete roofs. LOL


Hi glynis.

My grandpa who lived with us, did all the nappy washing in our house and pushed the pram up the road to his bowling club in the mornings, to give my mum time to catch up or just have a seat.

I remember real rhubarb and the sugar in a paper twist. And brambles from the roadside. Friends dad grew gooseberries and can remember my pal pestering him for one to eat. I stayed back cos I knew they were sour. ha ha! her face when she sooked one!

But mostly I remember the excitement of a sunday school picnic. I have a friend who lives near the places we went to, so often chat about those days.

Sunday school picnics.

Anyone remember streamers? We hung them from the windows on the top deck of the bus to unroll as went along the road. We'd stand holding them, then arms aching, we'd try to trap the end in the corner of the window. Most of the time they broke off and went whirling away to wrap around someone's car or van. Great fun seeing the streamers flap around cars at our side. Or seeing the expression on driver's faces as we knelt on the back seats and waved madly at them.

Who would be first to spot the sea. Much shouting as we rounded the corner to Troon or Girvan. Running races on the grass before plumping down to savour the pies which arrived warm on the bakers boards. Every wean was given a bottle of ginger and a paper poke containing a half sandwich and either a fern cake or empire biscuit. No serviettes and if a bit of grass got in with the sandwich - so what?

After tea, game of puddock or go for a paddle. Dried our feet on the communal towel before piling back on the bus and singing our way home. 'One Man Went to Mow' with umpteen verses mostly made up by our teachers eg one man went to mow with a bottle of pop and a loaf of breid which the lass from the Milanda Bakery caller Mary had got on her way home, etc. etc. '100 Green Bottles' was another and saw us most of the way home. We also sang 'The back of the bus they canny sing'. Finishing up with 'Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus' as we came back up the church road.


GRANNY MO, can remember the song ,push you Granny of the bus,use to sing it with my nanna.nice memories,Hey never want shove you off hahahaha!


Ah, but did you sing all the verses or just the one.


i went to school in a little village and (according to my parents/grandparents at least) it was pretty old fashioned. with the girls the only cool ones were the ones who could do 1 hundren skips at a time, we had our own club! then after school my cats used to come and meet me coz they loved all the school children and i showed them off very proudly. then we went and bought sweets off the angry sweet shop lady who still sells sweets from the big jars aat 55p an oz! then sometimes a whole group of us would go onto the moor and go look for 'treasure' in the rocks and run away from the 'cave where the dragon lived' and everyone knew everyone so no-one really worried about when we got home! we saw our teachers wherever we were coz they lived at most a ten minute walk from where we did and we were far too scared of them to misbehave, on saturdays in summer at the park in the giant paddling pool (that never seemed to be put up or down or belong to anyone but we always knew where it was and when it was put up) they would come and ask us why we werent doing our homework, and they still seemed to have the authority to send us home to complete it. i have to say we were probably the only school for miles where every child had their homework finished on a friday. scarecrow compettitions were brill too!

have to say, massive shock moving into a big city after that!


Weekends with my grandma

I used to go to my grandma's for the whole weekend straight from school on a friday and stay with her until after family tea on sundays. Sundays was always dinner at grandma's but I loved my weekends with her. Shopping on Saturday followed by the park then back home, put shopping away and wash hands for a light lunch followed by baking afternoon. She always allowed me to pick what we baked and I loved baking chocolate chip cookies and butterfly cakes. Then when my uncle got home from work we went in the car to the shops again to do the big food shopping followed by going to the rental shop and I would get to choose a video for movie time on the saturday. Dueing movie time I would curl up on his huge bean bag with a throw over me with a glass of lemonade, bowl and mixed nuts and raisions, a plate of variety biscuits and a bowl of home-made extra buttery pop-corn with the lounge gas fire turned on to 1 bar. So warm and cosy and happy memories. I also have the same routine know with my 3 tribe on a saturday and they seem to love this saturday routine just as much as I did the only difference is they have the day at home with mum and dad and not with grandma and uncle.

Love the idea of this thread loved reading everyone's memories


Every Christmas getting an evil kinevil wind up stunt bike and rider that did wheelies. Pity my dog always chewed the rider's foot off


Some of my memories of my younger days.

Everyone seemed to play outside. ( no computer games ).

Playing skipping ropes with your friends.

Playing ball.

Dodge ball too.

Chap door run away but DON'T get caught!!!.

Soor plooms, lucky tatties, sweet cigarettes.

I have had a lovely time thinking back to my childhood thanks. x x


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