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Found out today after a bit of research that my Slophyllin could be making my

MD and tinnitus worse as Slophyllin is related to caffeine and caffeine is not good for

MD and tinnitus and then rang the asthma nurse on here and we had a lovely chat about meds.

I need the slophyllin for my Asthma and had it increased also after blood tests last month.

Not sure if their is anything else that would work like slophyllin and if not look like stuck with MD but the slophyllin could be making my tinnitus really loud and pearcing and have to wear Maskers on

each ear all day and pillow speakers all night.

If anyone has any ideas on meds that could replace slophyllin with out the caffeine fix would love to

here about them to ask my hospital asthma nurse and consultant next month and see MY MD specialist next week

love glynis xxx

im on Easyhaler ,seretide Spiriva,Montelucast singulair,Slophyllin ,carbocsistine and pred

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There is different brands of theophylline not sure if make an affect.... but thing might be something you have to deal with, might just be balancing it right. Questioning if it helps enough might be an idea I know I was started on loads of meds at once was hard to work out if it was helping or not


Slo Phylline contains Theophylline which is found in coffee, so don't confuse with caffeine. Depending on what study you read, some say removing caffeine helps, others says makes it worse. I think the best thing you can do right now, without giving up Slo Phylline is remove all other caffeine based drinks, like coffee, cola and tea from your diet for a month and see how you feel. With that information then available discuss with your Asthma Nurse.

Slo Phylline is a good drug for those who can tolerate it, so don't be in too much of a hurry to give it up before investigating all other avenues. I also appreciate that the Tinnitus and MD must be driving you insane at times, apart from the coping methods you already engage with thought about using some form of meditating which might relax you and help you cope, or reiki which is very helpful and helping those with stressful conditions. I have found reiki very helpful when very distressed!


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