since birth

Hi im new and have posted a couple of times already.

I was just curious about how many people have been diagnosed with asthma since birth?

I got diagnosed at 6 weeks and its pretty much been exactly the same all my life. 60% atttendance at school and college due to hospital admittions, missing holidays both seasonal and actual holidays and parties.

Ive been told im one of a small number of sufferers were its never gone and never got any better.

Just would like to know there are others out there like me. As ive always felt on my own with my friends having it at age 7 and growing out of it by puberty.


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  • hi mash

    i have had asthma since i was 4 and i have gradually got worse as i got older. Now to the point i am on ridculous amounts of medication and still getting symptoms despite this.

    not sure if i the same as you but thought i would say hi.

    I missed lots of school and lots of everything and find it very annoying.


  • Thanks it helps a bit knowing im not such a freak lol. I use to get really jelious of people who didnt have asthma mainly because i just want to know how it feels. have you ever been like that?


  • i would love to be able to do all the things i see others around me doing and i would love to be able to do what i used to be able to do that i can no longer do.

    It is hard at times. What do you do for a living? Do you work or are you a student?

    I am trying to find ways i can volunteer from my sofa at home.

    While pestering people to come with me so i can go out and about as i bored of same four walls.


  • Im a comunity carer. I got to disabled and elderly peoples houses and help them with personal care. although because of the amount of sickness i keep having off im lucky i havent lost my job. I only work part time as it near enough killed me doing full time hours as my lungs just can't handle the strain of working full time.


  • Hiya,

    I'm in the same boat as you too! First thing I did when I was born was have an asthma attack and freak my parents out.. I was always told I would grow out of it by everyone frm consultants to random people in the street my mum would stop and talk to!!!! If anything is has got worse as I aged and now I'm in my 30s its definately here for good I'd say!!!!

    Still its possibly easier to accept for us than those that have to adapt to medication regimes and activity adjustments later in life eh :)

  • I was born blue. Might be the reason why its my favourite colour seen as i turn it so often lol. But yeh its so easy to remember medication when you've always had to. It's also alot more scary for people new to asthma when they have attacks. I just laugh and joke (as much as you can when you can just about get your words out) and act like its no big thing.

    still you cant stop wondering what it would be like to not have to take anything, go up the hospital or to actually have a full nights sleep.


  • Hi everbody. According to my Mum the first time anyone mentioned the asthma to her about me was when I was about 18 months, I was in hospital at the time. It has definately got worse after a bit of a quiet time in my twenties, thankfully I had all three of my children during this time. But when it came back it was with a vengeance. I'm now retired so I don't think it is going anywhere now. I also lost lots of time during my school years and found holding down a job difficult. The people that get on my nerves are the ""I used my inhaler and then ran the London Marathon"" type, I'm glad for them but it doesn't help the rest of us. I also find it quite sad that my son is being told ""she'll grow out of it"" about my granddaughter. His usual reply is ""hope my mum grows up soon then

  • yeah now how you feel, i was diagnosed at a couple weeks and for me it has not gone away or get better, because i have had it life, i dont know any different it is my life

  • I really don't meen to be rude to all those mild sufferers out there but i dont get really annoyed sometimes. Like when they say they know how you feel when theyve had all of two attacks in their lives. It makes alot of people think less seriously about asthma. Which has caused alot of problems in the past when employers and teachers don't get the idea that in some people its life threatening. i just got told today that i shouldn't be working. As ive been in and out of hospital every 2 weeks again. But i don't know what i would do without work because i really hate my lungs having this much control of my life.

    sorry about the rant just had a really bad day.


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