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New, child doesn't wheeze - rhinitis/hayfever really hard on him - any tips


Just found this forum. Blair will be 4 next week - has had a diagnosis of asthma and allergic rhinitis for over a year - infact nearly 2. I have numerous arguments with health professionals (the norm) put in complaints about 2 (upheld) - luckily I have a fantastic asthma nurse. His rhinitis (hayfever) is really kicking in and he is so miserable. He takes inhalor every day and singlair, plus has been taking piriton 2,5mls every 4 hours but its not working for him - any suggestions on which antihistamine works best? We live right next to fields so im sure grass pollen is a biggie for him - all help gratefully received!

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Hi there

Welcome to AUK I have found this site wonderful and have had lots of support and info with regards my sons asthma he is 7 and was diagnosed at 4.

With regards to antihistamine I don't know what's best but my son has 5ml of cetirizine twice a day, it does seem to help, but it is difficult when you leave near fields this time of year as we also do! He had a couple of days in hospital two weeks ago and I think being outside for most of the day enjoying the sunshine was a big contributing factor! It's so tricky because you don't want to stop them having fun but it is such a worry when they are having to cope with their asthma and like your son my son is triggered by grass pollen!

I hope things settle down.

Clare x


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