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just been to doc wth my 11 year old son

He has always been very sporty but recently started coughng durng sport. Doc has given hm ventolin and a peak flow meter for 2 weeks then wll see hm again. Assured my son that it would not be for ever and told hm to take two puffs before and after exercise.

What do you thnk? Is t possible that its just a chldhood phase that commoly passes?

All thought welcome as I want to get this right from the start.

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how old is your son??

could just be if he has a cold on his chest or something :)

good luck :)


My son (now 14) was very sporty despite asthma, but his asthma worsened when he was 11. The consultant told us it is quite common for asthma to flare up as children enter puberty, and to calm down as they come out of puberty.

There could be all sorts of factors at play with your son, eg hayfever or a cold. There is often an heritatary element eg I have had asthma all my life and there is asthma on my husband's side, so we were not surprised when our son was diagnosed with it. The best thing to do is go back to the GP once the 2 weeks are up and in the meantime keep a diary of symptoms and peak flow. There is also a lot of useful info on the AUK pages (green band across the top of this page 'All about asthma').


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