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Hi my daughter has just been in hospital again for 5 days after another 4 attacks in 12 hours.We were only discharged 2 weeks ago prior to this.She absoloutley hates prednisilone and this time again it took 6 nurses to hold her down to try and get her to take it with little success.She was actually scratched across her arms and chest where they tried to hold her down.Does anyone know of any alternatives so I can ask them to try them next time? They refused to let me mix it with fortijuice like we do at home as they said they are not allowed.Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nikki xx

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There probably are some alternatives. I assume your daughter was given the foul tasting soluble prednisalone - I don't blame anyone for not wanting to take that. The girls at work all stood around laughing when I was given it for the first time because I pulled such an awful face. I don't know how old your daughter is but perhaps she could manage a non-soluble version, it takes longer to be absorbed but isn't so disgusting to take.

Ange xx


Hi nikki,

sorry to hear she has been back in, and that it is so traumatic for her. As has been suggested, enteric coated pred may be easier for her to manage if it is the taste she hates - they are quite little. If she struggles to swallow tablets, sit them in a spoon of yogurt or icecream (or chocolate pudding!) - that makes it easier to get them over.

If those aren't possible, dexamethasone comes as an oral solution which may taste better, although I've never tried it, it doesn't seem to get quite such bad faces when the kids swallow it.

hope next time isn't so bad



Nikki my son was happily knocking back the entertic coated pred from about 3 years old as he too hated the soluable ones. We simply handed them over one and a time and said stick this in your mouth and have a swig of drink to wash it down. Within a couple of days he was proudly taking all of them (6) in one go. Nurses said said the secret was not to make a fuss over the taking pills not to go OTT with preparation or praise for swallowing them just to pretend it is something all kids do, cos then the child does not get worried about it. He was swallowing uniphylin capsules not long after changing to pred tablets so I guess it worked.



hi Nikki

I know the feeling of trying to get your wee one to take soluble pred. I found out that my son Jayden was actually putting down the sink rather than take it at home when I wasn't looking! Not suprising it took him being admitted to sort out the problem. I only found out because I went back into the kitchen to pick up my keys. Jayden has been taking the red coated tablets now for 4 years (he is now 10) and is actually proud of the fact he can swallow 8 at a time, he thinks it's his party piece. He also takes the big purple slo-phyllin tablets and can swallow those without any probs. Ask if your daughter can try the red ones as they really are tiny and might save a great deal of distress. The only place Jayden takes the soluble ones are in A&E and he spends the next 10 minutes gagging.

Hope you get this sorted out, it's stressful enough dealing an Asthmatic child without adding to the problems.

Keep in touch and let know she gets on.


Hi Nikki, sorry to hear Chloe has been stuck in hospital again, hope she is feeling better. Sean has been taking dexmethsone tablets which is same as pred since he was three without any problem.

I had to laugh at Bex and Caspers sons party trick with tabs, I thought Sean was the only one mad enough to do this! His record is 3 ciclosporin tabs,3 dex,1 slophyllin,1 montelukast,1 omeprazole,2 domperidone, god knows how he does it cos it makes me want to gag watching him!

Julie x


Hi everyone thanks for your messages and support its much appreciated.I have left a message with Chloes consultants secretary to get her to call me . Thanks again Nikki xx


Hi I havent been here for a while I am 20 years old

I can remember when i was about 5 my mum would crush the pred up and put them all crushed up on a spoon I still hate the pred now but if it makes me better ill do anything I havent tried red pred as I have ADHD and red colour is a no no.



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