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do asthma medication really make him hype??

i just read sum thing about a young boy and his dad sayin hes gone hype sice being medicated for asthma is that true? cud the 2 be linked? my boy was a very gd boy was always cleanin up after himself new where things went,he didnt like his hand to be dirty, very polite like the perfect likkle boy i cudv eva imagined as hard as it mite be to believe,, but it changed it he was only 2 so i just assumed it was the famous terrible twos, but it was ova nite just like that wen bed normal woke up exstremely mischevious, hands on always on the go he really can not sit still, chucks rubbish it was totally out of the charicter, the change was so quick cud it partly av been down to the meds if so y didnt the gp give me any warnings?? i hope ina way it aint true, cause all this time ive been disaplinin my boy knowing how well behaved he can be, thinking he knew exactly wot he was doin wen doing it but wot if its true wot if he cant help it???? plz plz my head is doing thousand miles an hour any notes r appreciated

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I can't say that his medication is the reason for the sudden change.

I am currently on quite a lot of medication and at times I do feel totally hyper, ready to run a marathon (probably have an astha attack fastening the laces on my trainers though).

Obviously at such a young age I would imagine that even low dosage of drugs could course something similar. It must be difficult because you want him to behave and you don't want him to turn into a little terror but with what he is going through and his beaviour may not be his fault how do you discipline him.



putting him on the stair (neva stays there long) makes him understand wot he does wrong and makes him sit down til he says sorry, if he goes ona rampage and chucks things or hurts me for example bits me ill put him in his room wiv his safty gate shut till he says sorry, mainly just nags him rather than punish him, or ill tell him ill put a toy in the bin uless he calms down, oh my god wot if he cnt help it, every day im nagging him hes constantly hyper nufin like other kids his age, hes so talkativ alot more than ova kids his age wot if it is down to the meds? im so confused i ssee docs and health visitors regulary they no how naughty he can be y didnt they tell me theres a chance it cud be the meds


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hi, my little fella's behaviour changed when he was put on asthma meds. i have spoke to the consultant to be sure sure that this is the case and she assured me it was. it's just something you have to deal with because the meds are keeping him well.

i find that he becomes really hyper when he is taking his blue inhaler, although all his meds seem to make a difference to how his behaviour was.(especially when he started montelukast) i am now finding that he has started to level out with his hype on a daily basis and im really not to concerned now(although he does have occassional mood swings).

im sure everything will settle down. it's more important you know why he has suddenly changed.

hope all is well. xxx


thanks for the reply, im glad now i can link the 2 and properly understand that he cant help it all the time he misbehaves, im not usein it as an escape goat because ppl wudnt believe me any way but wen they luk at my child like hes a brat wen i no full well he neva used to be and will luk foward to his behaviour calming down i understand now i gota av patients and its not going to happen ova nite hes still pretty much just a baby, i always knew deep down that it wasnt just terror 2's i put it down the wot hes been thru in his short life tank u so much i cudnt tell u how much i apreciate the reply x x


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