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Okay so Harriet has left me for the weekend its her dads birthday

She didn't want to go but I made her go.

We have moved so am near uni Harry has transfered six forms too

But I had more test yesterday and was told I have fibrosis

the Doctor couldn't believe that this hasn't been diagnosed when I was young

When I was young I was always in and out of hospital for

months on end but my mother didn't bother asking more,

Just took the dr word that is was ""asthma"" anyways

There is no point feeing sorry for my self what's done is done

can't do any more about it wish it wasn't but there you go...

I wont get back to how I was now oh well..

I like venting on here...

Hope you are all okay despite the ever changing weather.

Will x

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I guess you mean Cystic Fibrosis? I guess while it a big shock, and worrying that it was never picked up before, you can now move on and get the treatment you need.

Good luck xxx


Fibrosis is scarring of the lungs (CT scan would be done normally) and cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease (a sweat test confirms it). Fibrosis normally suggests some kind of lung disease.

Hope they find out the right treatment for you!


I'm so sorry to hear this after all you and Harriet have been through. But at least you know what the problem is now, instead of puzzling and wasting time over what you and medics thought was non-compliant 'asthma'. Best wishes and hugs, Angeline xx



Bet you will be glad when she gets back. I am sure she enjoyed her dads birthday too. I do hope the docs sort it out.



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