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is this a call of concern

iv got a 3 year old son who has had asthma for about a year and half, he only suffers with coughin fits and gets out of breath easyer than my other son, the last few days he been waking up in the mornings and coughing, but this cough isnt cheaty or flemy its his asthma cough,(dry) but as he is coughing its like is chest is tight and he is coughin cause he havent got enough air going to his lungs, he has never had this before and he havent got no colds or sniffles to make his chest be like this, he is on inhalers beclometasone 50micrograms/actuation he takes 3 puffs of that one and 2 of the salbutamol cfc free inh micrograms/inhalatio inhale first thing at day and last thing at night, and he takes his blue one when he is active and has a little attack, can u help plz some one asap

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If you have concerns that your son isnt breathing properly I would make appointment to see your childs doctor or asthma nurse today. There are all sorts of triggers for asthma and not always colds etc.

good luck



see your gp

Hi there is your child waking up in the night coughing too?

He may need to go onto becotide 100 instead of 50 if that is not helping and fi his cough is in the night too aswell as first thing in the morning he may need to be put on singulair 1 tablet at night like my son.

I would take your child along to their gp or Astma nurse to discuss this as it must be very worrying for you and there are other treatments that will help i promise

I hope my advice is ok for you it is all i can suggest at this moment in time



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