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Hello folks, My daughter was diaognosed with asthma just before Christmas, she has had a dreadful cought for months and so after her teacher complaining and me getting fed up with it I took her to the doc's who immediately said asthma. He prescribed 1 puff of salbutamol(blue inhaler) at bedtime.He also did not want to give her a spacer to use as he thought she was old enough to manage with just the inhaler, She is only 6 and i feel she needs a spacer which I have managed to get from the pharmacy, but we have had no advice on how to use it correctly. When I asked when we should come back he said when the inhaler runs out, now there are 200 puffs in this inhaler so thats 6 months supply???? surely she should be getting checked out before then.

Well the inhaler has made no difference and she is still coughing like she is on 60 ciggerettes a day. I can't get a doctors appointment for another 2 weeks, because it is not classed as an emergency, its is really annoying, does anyone have any advice as to what I should expect in terms of medical treatment/ support etc. I feel a bit frustrated by the whole thing to be honest.

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Hi Billy

I'm sorry to hear that you and your daughter are having a tough time at the mo!!!

I'm not really qualified to give advice as to how much and what medication your daughter should take (sorry) but i would go back to the GP - if your not happy with that one then go to another!!!!!

I would phone the asthma nurse on this site (08457 010203) before going to see your GP again (they're really good) - they'd be able to answer your questions and more importantly give you advice as to what questions to ask your GP!!! Also try looking at the leaflets here - they are really good and clear to understand !

I certainly wouldn't wait 2 weeks to see GP again - i'm sure under gov guidelines they are supposed to see you within 48 hours (although that might be for emergencies) - but if you daughter is no beter then you SHOULD GO BACK. If you can't get appt with GP then ask to see Asthma Nurse.

As for using the inhalers with spacer - it's very hard to describe (so i won't try) but i am sure somewhere on main site there is advice on how to use them with and without spacers.

I'm sorry I'm not being much help - my main advice would be to talk to the Asthma nurse on 08457 010203 and see GP ASAP. Don't be fobbed off.

I know initially it's hard and without the proper advice or training then it's difficult to give the inhalers. We were initially given them when my son was a baby - we weren't told how to use them - i think GP spent about 10 seconds showing us how to use it - we weren't told when to stop using it or given any real help or advice. But be persistent!!!

Take care and I hope you get some help and advice soon.



Hi Billy. My daughter is also 6 and had her first ever allergic asthma attack on Christmas Day so we are just coming to terms with this too. We were given a blue inhaler and spacer at the hospital on our second trip that day. We weren't given very clear instructions but we put the inhaler into the end of the spacer, put the mask up to her face, squirt, let her breath in an out a few times then repeat for as many squirts as she needs. Luckily as soon as we were away from the dog she started to recover and hasn't needed any treatment since a few days after Christmas. I'm worried about the hayfever season though coz she's always had sneezy hayfever and now that her body has decided that asthma is a good way to respond to allergens I'm concerned that she'll have a lot more problems once the pollen starts flying. I'm lucky that my husband has asthma and knows a bit about it all. I hope you get to see your GP sooner rather than later, we have similar problems with our surgery - I had a wee infection this week and only got to see the receptionist! She took my sample away and later produced a prescription, for something I'm mildy allergic to!! I'm tolerating the allergy symptoms because it's easier than trying to get the prescription changed - How bad is that?! - i do hope a GP was involved somewhere along the line!! Anyway, it's about your daughter's well being so you'll have to be pushy and get it sorted - try telling them she's now got a chest infection, that should at least get you an appointment. Good luck!


hi billy1,

sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling and you have been given no advice.

this is the link to asthma uk's advice on how to use spacers... hope this may be helpful if you havent already view it.

lisa x


Well, I went to see my health visitor today and she was great, she could'nt believe that the Gp's did'nt have an asthma clinic, and rang the local hospital and discussed it with them and she is now referring my daughter directly to the asthma clinic at hospital, she also told me to ring the Doctors and ask for an emergency appointment and if they complained that it was'nt an emergency to tell them to ring her and she would put them right!!!! at last some support and useful advice. So I will be taking my daughter back tommorow and hopefully she will get some more help, she is deffinately coughing more as the week gos on.


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