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pre school medication forms

I have just had to fill out some new medication forms to give staff at Isaacs pre school permission to give him his inhalers. The old one was no longer vaild according to ofsted.

I have no problem with updating forms etc but I had to fill out 4!!!! all contained the same info but they had to go into different files. Also I had to 'train' the staff to use the inhaler, it didn't matter that they had all done it before or that the supervisor had been giving inhalers for the past 16years or that some had children with asthma or had asthma themselves, I had to show them how to do Isaacs and then we all had to sign a form stating this. I have to repeat the 'training ' again on weds for the ones who were not in today. Surely it would cover them if they had a general training on this during their first aid course? They all have first aid but it doesn't cover asthma in the course!!! If this a new introduction by ofsted, for parents to train staff, then I wonder how they thought inhalers were given in the past?

Is anyone else having to do this for pre school?


ps forgot to add that *every* parent with asthmatic children have to 'train' the staff for their childs inhaler!?1

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Oh dear, still at least you know Isaac will be safe if he needs his inhaler at school! Its better than the old system too whereby an entire Primary school's inhalers used to be locked in the school office which wasn't always manned at lunch time! Something in between would be good though, hope he settles well and hope your okay too! Happy school days to Isaac, Lois x


Hi Sarah

No we havn't had to do anything like that at Ollie's pre-school - we've given them an inhaler and filler in a pre-school medication card (that was ordered from asthma uk) and that's that!!!!!!

Don't know if i should be bothered - i mean is Isaac's pre-school being over cautious or is Ollie's not being cautious enough!!!!!!

They have other children with asthma and are all familiar with giving them.

Anyway not a problem currently as Ollie hasn't been well enough to go more than 4 sessions since they started!!!! he won't be there at all this week.

I'll wait and see maybe it's a new ofsted guideline.

But i suppose as Lois said it's better to be safe than sorry. At least you all know that they know exactly how Isaac does his puffers!!!

Take care

Hope all is well 2day - ollie a little better - but can't have vac for holiday as on steroids so hopefully next week otherwise i'm not sure we'll get them in before holiday so not sure what to do.





I sympathise, but it is a sign of the times, everyone is suing everyone else for one thing or another and employers are insisting in all areas of care that a form authorising them to give medication is completed and signed by a parent - so that you cannot accuse them of doing it incorrectly. Gone are the good old days when people could just help you. Have they never heard of a photocopier? Cant understand why you had to fill in four different forms, but its all red tape and security for their staff against law suits.



Just a note on the first aid reference here - First Aiders are not trained to administer asthma medications as part of their general course, because the patient is supposed to administer their own - otherwise as first aiders we would be 'prescribing prescription-only medications' and we are not qualified or insured to do that. The treatment of asthma is routinely covered in first aid courses, but the medications part is not.

Secondly, not everyone has the same type of asthma inhaler (there are all sorts of weird and wonderful things out there now!) and some do need an explanation. I know its a bit tedious if they're all the same, and so everyone has the same 'training' to undertake time and again, but its better to repeat than to miss it out.


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