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My Daughter Needs an Exercise Tolerance Test

I was wondering whether anyone could help me with what the exercise tolerance test involves as Sarah's Asthma is bad on excercise and gets really down hearted that she cannot keep up with friends at playtime.

We have also just had various allergy tests done and are waiting for the results to come back. Consultant she has got is brilliant with her and coming in to school to sort out care plans as she has nothing in place for her.

She is needing her salbutamol every day.

Thank you for any advice it is very much appreciated i feel so alone at times and its good to know that you are very welcoming on this site.

Eileen (Sarah's Mum)

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Hi Eileen,

another Sarah here!

I have had an exercise test in the past, and basically what it involved was walking/running on a treadmill, and doing peak flow and other spiro before and after - you don't say how old she is, but if she is big enough they will probably do those. Also they listened to my chest before and after to see how wheezy I was.

They sometimes also connect up an ecg, which does a tracing of the heart, if there is any doubt as to the diagnosis.

Hope that helps.



Sorry she is 8 years old. I always leave something off the post.

Thank you it is nice to know that what they will make her do rather than go in unprepared.

Eileen (Sarah's Mum)


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