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asthma..up and down

hiya..all daughter has asthma .. for a about 6 mths there she was doing well..but for the last couple of week its been unpredicable ..she walked home in the snow(about 15 mins)..both her worst triggers exercise and cold air and now her peak flow reading have been going down ...she on all the meds she can be...shes been using her blue inhaler alot more...what do i do next???

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If I was you I would get her checked out at docs and make an appointment to see asthma nurse if there is one at your surgery. The trouble with asthma is that it is so unpredictable, they fine one minute, then you get weeks or months of unsettled asthma. You never know what to do for the best, It's hard work, for us parents watching our children suffer the way they do with asthma.

Hope you daughters asthma settles down soon. x


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