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Night cough- any tips

My daughter Paige is three and was diagnosed with definately having asthma at the end of last year by my private GP(take my daughter there as my NHS doctors suck!!) When she was younger they tried to say it was asthma but my osteopath eventually told us it was a teething cough! Anyway, she definately has it now as her main symptom is the dreaded night cough. Normally she is fine during the day, no cough- as soon as she goes to bed it starts. Because she is tired she drops off but usually wakes in the night coughing and spluttering. As soon as she starts I give her the ventolin but this can sometimes take a while to have effect. I just wondered if there's ANYTHING else I can do for her as it is so frustrating to hear her cough and not do anything about it, you feel helpless. Put her industrial strength(!) humidifier in her room but am never sure if this actually helps. Just wondered if anyone else has any ideas! Lesley

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Night-time cough is a good indicator that your daughter's asthma may be uncontrolled.

The best thing to do is get her reviewed by your GP who may be able to advise additional treatment, such as a preventer inhaler, to be taken regularly to prevent her from waking up with these night-time symptoms.



(Moderator & GP)


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